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The Benefits of Batching Your YouTube Marketing Videos

Published: February 05, 2020

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More than a century ago, Henry Ford made history by changing the way people thought about factories and production lines. Although the world of industry and manufacturing has moved on to 3D printing, just-in-time inventory, and other new ideas, content marketers can still learn a lot of lessons from his vision of business. Specifically, that it’s often easier and more efficient to do a lot of something than a little.

What we are referring to in a roundabout way are the benefits of “batching” things like blog posts and YouTube marketing videos. When you create batches of five, ten, or more at once you realize a number of benefits that aren’t available when you do them one at a time.

Let’s look at a few of the reasons you should batch your YouTube Marketing videos…

You’ll End up with a Better Strategy for Your YouTube Business Channel

A lot of small business owners have YouTube channels that look like they were made up as they went along because that’s exactly what happened. They shoot one video when they’re inspired, create another when they have a completely different idea, and so on. By batching your scripts and ideas you can stay on task and on-topic.

You’ll Save Time Shooting and Editing Your Videos

Every time you shoot a new video you might have to prepare lighting, stage a room, put on your nicest clothes and makeup, drive to a special location, etc. All of that takes time. If you do many videos at once you can make the most of that preparation instead of having to do it again and again every week.

You’ll Pay Lower Costs on Video Production

If you have any costs associated with video production, such as equipment or studio rental, you’ll definitely lower your expenses by purchasing fewer sessions that run for a longer amount of time. The same goes for any paid presenters or outside vendors you need to book.

The Resulting YouTube Videos Will Be More Consistent

The biggest advantage to batching your videos, whether they are high-production features or short clips you’re shooting with an iPhone, is that you’ll get a sense of consistency. That’s important when it comes to establishing your online brand and building credibility with the buyers you want to impress with your YouTube exposure.

You Won’t Run Out of Content to Post Your YouTube Channel

One last thought: by batching your YouTube production and sticking to a regular editorial schedule you can stop yourself from running out of content. Many novice marketers find themselves empty-handed when they are out of inspiration or space on the calendar. By working ahead you avoid that all-too-common pitfall.

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