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How to Finish a YouTube Video for Your Business Channel

Published: January 29, 2020

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Woody Allen once said that 90% of success is showing up, and that’s often the case when it comes to marketing. It’s the business owner or executive who writes a blog post, places an ad, or shoots a YouTube video who is rewarded. You don’t get any points for procrastinating or putting your marketing projects off to some unknown future date.

With all of that being said, though, the opposite can also be true. Sometimes marketers are in such a rush to release their new creations that they overlook finishing touches that would make a huge difference. For instance, a YouTube video that has been properly polished and released might get 10 or 20 times as many views as one that was simply uploaded with no forethought. That’s obviously a huge gap in results.

So, how do you properly finish a YouTube video for your business channel? Here are some simple rules to follow…

Double Check Your Title and Description

The title of your YouTube video should be clear, interesting, and keyword optimized. It also should be short enough to appear fully in previews. Write several (or a dozen) versions if that’s what it takes to find the perfect heading.

Make Sure Your Video Thumbnail Is Inviting

Your video thumbnail image should make a potential viewer so curious that they can’t stand to click away until they have seen your clip. To generate that kind of interest and precision often means creating a custom image in Photoshop, but it’s well worth the effort or expense.

Invest a Little Extra Time and Money into Video Editing

Video editing can’t help you turn a bad clip into a blockbuster, but it is necessary if you want to polish your content rock into a marketing gem. This is one area where you definitely don’t want to skimp on time or money, particularly since well-edited videos tend to gather more views, shares, and engagement.

Be Sure You’re Using the Right Resolution and Output Settings

When you’re taking video out of your device or editing software, double check that you optimize the settings for YouTube viewership. Otherwise, you could get poor resolution, fuzzy playback, or strange borders and colors. You certainly don’t want to make those kinds of mistakes right before you hit “publish.”

End Your YouTube Video with a Clear and Compelling Call to Action

What do you want viewers to do after they’ve seen your video? Should they subscribe, visit your website, or perhaps follow you on Facebook? Giving them a very clear call to action at the end of your clip can boost response rates in a big way.

Include Links to Other Videos on Your Business YouTube Channel

Viewers who are interested in one of your video clips are likely to be in the target audience for others, as well. Encourage them to check out all of your content by including links to your other videos at the end of each clip, as well as an invitation to visit your YouTube business channel.

Be Sure to Promote Your YouTube Marketing Clips Online

Don’t forget the job isn’t done once your video goes live on YouTube. You should still do everything you can to push up viewership (and increase the popularity of your video on YouTube’s search algorithm) by promoting your clip via email, ads, and social media posts.

Want Help Putting the Pieces of Your Marketing Campaign Together?

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