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5 Kinds of Videos You Need for Your YouTube Marketing Campaigns

Published: January 22, 2020

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If you’re new to marketing your business on YouTube, you might be feeling an odd mixture of excitement and bewilderment. On the one hand you want to start producing videos, racking up views, and generating interest in your company. But on the other, you may not know where to begin in terms of planning and shooting your clips.

In some ways, this is the modern marketers equivalent of writer’s block: lots of enthusiasm for results, but lacking a sense of how to stand out when there are literally billions of videos competing for your customer’s attention.

Because we want to see your online marketing campaigns get off to a fast start, today we are going to give you some strong idea starters to work with. Let’s look at five different kinds of videos you should include in your YouTube marketing campaigns…

#1 Product Demos and Explanations

If you have products the world doesn’t know about, then producing videos that show them off is a very good place to start your YouTube channel. You can show off unique features, point out every day uses, and even highlight different sizes, colors, or options. These videos can be great for attracting attention, or can even be used as part of an on-site sales demo.

#2 Product or Service Comparisons

Sometimes, the big marketing challenge isn’t in telling the world about your products or services, but rather showing potential buyers what makes you different than the competition. If you can accomplish this with video, you might be able to help prospects understand why they should work with you in an interesting and memorable way. Just be sure you stay on the right side of advertising guidelines when it comes to picking on competitors or sharing proprietary information.

#3 Explanation Videos and FAQ Demonstrations

Often, your potential customers are on YouTube not because they want to be sold to, but because they need answers and insights. By giving them advice and explanations rather than a sales pitch you can earn their attention, build your own credibility in their eyes, and invite future conversations. As an added bonus, these are often some of the easiest kinds of videos to shoot and produce.

#4 Client Profiles, Case Studies, and Testimonials

It’s hard to talk up your own products and services without triggering skepticism amongst your target audience. They have heard and seen it all before. But, if you can get your customers to say good things about you, or show proof of the positive results they got from working with your company, case studies or testimonials will be a lot more valuable.

#5 Behind the Scenes Employee and Process Features

Informal videos are great for building buyer loyalty, showing off competitive strengths, and just entertaining potential customers. From clips that let them meet your team, to explanations of a unique process, giving buyers a chance to see what happens when they aren’t looking can truly set you apart from the competition.

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