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10 Kinds of Businesses That Need to Market on Instagram

Published: January 01, 2020

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It’s been our opinion and experience that virtually any kind of business can benefit from social media marketing, and especially exposure on Instagram. However, there certain types of companies where getting the word out through images is especially important.

To give you a sense of why, let’s look at 10 kinds of businesses that absolutely need to market themselves on Instagram…

#1 Restaurants, Bakeries, and Breweries

Seeing something tasty isn’t as good as putting it in your mouth, but it might be close. That’s why restaurants, bakeries, and breweries should all be promoting their brands and products through Instagram. Good images create an appetite for what you sell, both literally and figuratively.

#2 Bars and Nightclubs

Are lots of people coming to your establishment and having a good time? If so, share a bit of the fun and energy through your Instagram account to keep a line at your door. Just be sure you don’t post faces of your patrons without their consent.

#3 Jewelers and Luxury Brands

Have you ever noticed how many high-end watches, briefcases, and accessories you see on your Instagram feed? People love to show off their most treasured possessions, and promoting luxury brands is a good way to build buzz and demand for your products.

#4 Premium Auto Dealers

Whether you are trying to appeal to car lovers or those who just like a bit of luxury, marketing autos via Instagram is a great idea. Not only can you help potential customers be aware of what’s on your lot, but you can also help them to keep their desire for a new car at the front of their minds.

#5 Pet Stores and Groomers

Could we even have an internet without pictures of cats and dogs? Our furry friends are magnets for views, likes, and shares. Knowing that, you can give your marketing a big push by showing off your “happy customers” to other pet lovers through Instagram.

#6 Fashion and Beauty Shops

Any business that has a health or beauty tie-in can probably do well by marketing on Instagram. That’s because we are all looking for the perfect product that will complement our skin tone, tie an outfit together, or make us more desirable. These kinds of shops need to sell with pictures.

#7 Travel Related Services

Few things sell (on Instagram or cross social media as a whole) like the thrill and adventure of travel. Sandy beaches, dense jungles, and crisp mountaintops inspire us to think about getting away. You can multiply this effect by showing off your customers having a great time at desired travel destinations.

#8 Entertainers and Public Personalities

In the entertainment business image is everything, and there’s no better way to build the right public persona than posting images on Instagram. From glamour shots to behind-the-scenes looks, you can help the public to know you and form a good impression directly through the social platform.

#9 Personal Trainers

The desire to get in shape is almost universal. By showing off before-and-after photos of your clients, or shots of your equipment and classes, you can help people to take the all-important first step of contacting you.

#10 Dental and Care Providers

As with personal trainers, dentists, dermatologist, and other care providers can win big in Instagram marketing with before and after photos. Just be sure you don’t give away confidential patient information or post anything without permission of patients or customers.

Could Your Business Use a Social Media Upgrade?

If your company falls into one of the 10 categories listed above, or if you just think it’s time to start getting better results from your sales and marketing efforts, it’s time to get expert help. Contact the Philadelphia-based Biondo Creative today so we can put our experience to work for you!