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Why Use Instagram for Marketing?

Published: December 04, 2019

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Of all the major social media platforms, Instagram is arguably the most underutilized for small business owners and marketers. Even many entrepreneurs who use Instagram regularly overlook its potential in thinking of ways to attract new customers.

That’s a mistake, and a potentially costly one. Whether you realize it or not, there are lots of ways to use Instagram to promote your products, build a brand, and stay on top of customer’s minds. Let’s look at a handful of reasons you need to be using this image-based social media service to grow your business…

It’s Where Your Customers Are

Current estimates put Instagram’s user base at around 500 million registered members. That’s a lot of people, and more than you might find on another service like LinkedIn.

One of the oldest and most proven truisms in marketing is that the easiest way to attract customers is to go where they already are. Knowing that, it only makes good sense to devote some of your time, energy, and money to using Instagram for business.

Instagram Marketing is Often Easier

What many business owners and executives struggle with, when it comes to social media marketing, is generating new content. Most don’t enjoy the process of editing blog posts and lack the technical skills to produce quality video clips.

However, modern smart phones make it a cinch to take and edit great photos. You likely have a keen eye for the kinds of images that appeal to you and your customers, and you can share them directly from your iPhone or Galaxy. That makes Instagram marketing an easier option for lots of us.

Some Things are Easier to Sell with Images

Not only is Instagram marketing easier, but it can sometimes be more effective. Psychologists have proven time and time again that human beings respond to visual stimulation more quickly and emotionally than text.

At the same time, there are some things that are simply easier to sell through pictures. Food is a natural example, along with fashion-related products. Pictures of pets are always crowd pleasers, along with cars and luxury goods. If you have the kind of business that is easy to promote visually, then Instagram might be your best choice.

You Can Use Instagram Marketing for Other Campaigns

One more thing to remember is that the images and campaigns you create for Instagram marketing can often serve other purposes, too. You might be able to share them on Facebook, promote them through Twitter, or even include them in blog posts or client presentations.

Good online promotion is all about getting extra mileage from everything you create. That certainly applies to your Instagram marketing pieces.

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