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How to Promote Products on Instagram

Published: December 11, 2019

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Often, new clients come to us wanting to know how major brands use Instagram, or with questions about how to promote a product on the social platform. While there aren’t always set answers – every situation is different – the best Instagram marketers do follow a set of rules and guidelines.

If you have physical products to sell, here are some things you should keep in mind when promoting them through the world’s most popular image-based social app…

Setup Your Instagram Business Profile

It’s going to be hard to attract customers through Instagram without having an account for your business, so setting one up should be your first step. Make sure it’s complete with your logo, accurate contact information, and other details that make it easy for buyers to track you down.

If you don’t have an Instagram account, or post one that’s only partially completed, then you’re never going to get the kinds of results you’re hoping for.

Get Some High Quality Product Images

It only makes sense that image quality is going to greatly affect your Instagram campaigns. Because there are so many other people and brands competing for attention, your pictures have to stand out in an instant.

That means using high-resolution photos with vivid colors. You can also give yourself an advantage by posting product photos that include faces, animals, and other subjects that naturally attract the human eye. It’s no sense posting quality photos of your merchandise if they aren’t interesting enough to engage your prospects.

Publish Regularly With Targeted Tags

As with your blog, email newsletter, Facebook profile, or Twitter feed, consistency is a big theme with Instagram marketing. You have to keep posting and publishing regularly if you want buyers to notice.

At the same time, you want to make it easy for people to find your images and posts. The best way to do that (other than staying active) is to tag and label them correctly. Think about what someone who is interested in your content might search for. Then, add popular trending tags to your list and begin to experiment so you can see what draws the most views.

Get Your Customers to Share Their Images

One of the great things about Instagram marketing is that it doesn’t need to be completely dependent on your contributions. You can get friends, colleagues, and customers to share their images, as well.

You could easily argue that photos of people using your products are more valuable than standard marketing shots. That’s particularly true if your customers seem happy with their purchases, if their pictures show off unique features, or if they highlight themes like adventure or durability.

Does Your Marketing Strategy Make Sense?

Every month we meet with business owners and executives who are trying to put together marketing campaigns based on what they’ve seen other businesses do, often with lackluster results. What you need isn’t a generic template; instead, you should be following a customized plan that emphasizes your strengths and leads to real-world revenue improvement.

If your marketing strategy could use a bit of improvement, let the business growth experts at Biondo Creative in Philadelphia help. It’s easy to set up a free consultation, so contact us today!