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How to Promote a Small Business on Instagram

Published: December 18, 2019

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Can you effectively promote your small business on Instagram?

Lots of the entrepreneurs we meet with worry that they’ll have a hard time competing head-to-head with more established brands and marketers. However, in our experience the opposite is true: Instagram is actually a very friendly environment for small business owners who are dedicated to finding customers.

This is because Instagram marketing is all about time, creativity, and branding. It doesn’t take big budgets, and a sense of authenticity or belief in your own business can take you a long way.

With that in mind, let’s look at the basics of how you promote a small business on Instagram…

Be Easy for Instagram Users to Find

Once in a while we talk to a business owner who is disappointed with their Instagram marketing results but isn’t easy to find in the platform. You have to complete your profile, make sure you have current contact information, and connect with known contacts. These are little steps, but they help to lay the groundwork for a bigger Instagram marketing campaign to follow.

Use the Best Image-Ready Subjects

Because Instagram is image-driven, it makes sense to zero your marketing efforts in on the parts of your company that are most photogenic. Do you have stunning products, friendly employees, or a beautiful retail location? If so, these should be at the centerpiece of your feed for customers to see every week.

Develop a Theme and Style to Your Account

The best Instagram marketers stick to themes that align with their brand and identity. Some are funny, for example, while others work hard to maintain a premium brand position. Think about the way Ben & Jerry’s promote ice cream versus the ads you see coming from Tiffany Jewelers. Then, consider what you want your style to be and manage your Instagram campaigns appropriately.

Be Approachable and Show Off Your Personality

When thinking about your style and branding guidelines, keep in mind that most small businesses benefit from a casual approach. Customers flock to them because they don’t necessarily love the impersonal nature of working with a huge business. The more you seem unique, approachable, and full of personality, the easier it will be to stand out on Instagram.

Stay Active on Instagram

Perhaps the most important rule of all is to simply keep active on Instagram. For one thing, consistency shows followers that you’re engaged and they can expect new content to arrive regularly. And for another, being consistent on Instagram gives you plenty of practice time. The more you post, tag images and use the platform, the more quickly you’ll master it.

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