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Why Facebook is Good for Marketing

Published: October 02, 2019

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A lot of new clients come to us with the mistaken notion that Facebook is good for connecting with friends and family, but not necessarily for finding customers for a small or medium-sized business. My creative team and I couldn’t disagree more – once you know how marketing works on Facebook, it’s a great tool for generating leads and growing sales.

There are a lot of business people who would disagree with this point, usually because they have had underwhelming experiences trying to use social media in their own businesses. To make sure you have the right information and perspective, let’s look at why Facebook is good for marketing…

Your Customers are Already Using Facebook

The first rule of sales is to go where your customers are. That’s why so many marketers like to show up at trade shows, and the reason advertisers will pay big money to attract views during high-profile sporting events.

Guess what? Your customers are already using Facebook. That means you should be there, too.

It’s Easy to Differentiate Your Company on Facebook

Within a Google search page, dozens or hundreds of different results can all look very similar until you click on them. It’s tough to stand out because buyers can’t necessarily separate one vendor from another.

On Facebook, though, you have the ability to heavily customize the look of your page, posts, and ads. You have the option to use images you choose, or video clips that stand out. That makes it easier for you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and earn collects from your most valuable prospects.

Facebook Marketing Doesn’t Take a Lot of Time or Money

Because most business owners and executives have already used Facebook in their personal lives, the learning curve associated with developing a social media marketing effort is much shorter than it would be otherwise. You already know what works because you’ve seen it; you just have to duplicate the style with your own account and messaging.

The time savings continue on a day-to-day basis as long as you are being careful not to get distracted, you can manage your profile and ad setup in just 10 or 15 minutes each morning.

Facebook Ads are Cost-Effective

Many of our clients choose to try Facebook advertising as a way to reach more potential customers. One of the big benefits here is that social ads tend to cost a lot less than search ads do, meaning your budget can stretch farther.

You might be amazed at just how many impressions you can gather for a very low price… and what kind of effect they could have on your monthly sales figures.

Get Help with Your Online Marketing Campaigns

At Biondo Creative, we’ve earned a reputation as being one of Philadelphia’s top social media marketing agencies. That’s because we don’t just put together fun images and ideas, but entire campaigns that move the needle in terms of finding new sources of customers and revenue.

If you could use help getting more from your website and digital marketing efforts, contact us today so we can schedule a time to talk and offer customized solutions.