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3 Keys to Effective Facebook Marketing

Published: October 09, 2019

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A common question we hear from new and potential clients goes something like this: “how can I use Facebook for marketing?”

There isn’t any one specific answer, of course, because Facebook is a huge platform with many different ways to meet and engage with buyers. However, years of experience with digital marketing, branding, and social media management have taught us that there are three keys to effective Facebook promotion that apply to virtually any situation.

Let’s look at them one by one…

#1 Show Off Your Personality

Remember, Facebook exists primarily as a social site, not a marketing outlet. In other words, your prospects and customers don’t log into their accounts looking to be sold to. They want to keep up with friends and family members while being entertained.

The best way to bridge their desire for entertainment with your need to push a marketing agenda is to use a bit of personality. Unless you are absolutely sure it will attract attention, don’t just post an announcement or video about your latest product or service. Instead, think of fun and interactive ways to grab attention that also highlight your unique selling propositions.

The more you coat your marketing message with fun, humor, and a soft touch, the easier it will be to keep viewers engaged with your content.

#2 Say it With Images and Videos

It’s nearly impossible to use Facebook for marketing purposes by just posting text updates and/or links to your landing pages. Most of your prospects are going to have hundreds or thousands of new items showing up in their feed on a daily basis. You have to stand out to get attention.

The best way to do that on any social platform is to use images and videos. Our brains are wired in a way that makes it much easier for us to notice and understand visual cues than text. Additionally, we respond to faces, animals, and vivid photos (for instance, pictures of brightly colored fruits) then taglines or slogans.

You can’t get customers through Facebook without getting them to focus on you first. Using video and images is a great way to do that.

#3 Work Towards Engagement First

If you talk to anyone who knows how to market effectively on Facebook they’ll tell you that it’s rarely a matter of posting content and then watching the collects (or purchases) roll in. Instead, they build a large following with hundreds of fans, thousands of likes, and posts being shared from one circle or community to the next.

The social nature of Facebook makes it bad for straightforward promotions and wonderful for finding people who will respond to your brand. By making engagement your first goal, you’ll increase the odds of being successful and also take away the frustration that comes with expecting instant results.

Once enough people know and like you on Facebook, you’ll have a platform to attract all the buyers you could hope for. However, you have to take your time or risk losing the attention of your fans and followers.

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