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3 Keys to a Healthy AdWords PPC Account

Published: June 06, 2017

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Google AdWords can be used to bring targeted prospects your website quickly and inexpensively. It can also be used to throw away huge chunks of money on worthless clicks if you aren’t careful. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t realize they are wasting their ad budgets until it’s too late. Then, they are forced to either start over from scratch or bring in a consultant who can help them sort out their pay-per-click campaigns.

The real secret to maintaining a healthy AdWords advertising account lies in being efficient. Here are three keys to getting more returns than you spend on clicks…

#1 Tightly Focused Campaigns

Although you could use your Google ads to target every possible customer for your product or service under the sun, a much better idea is to focus your attention on the ones that are ideally suited for your business. That means thinking about buyers who will require the least amount of persuasion to open an account with you, the ones who are most likely to keep buying from you in the future, and the segment of the market you can reach affordably.

When you have an idea of who these people might be, then you can work backwards and choose keyword and ad combinations that appeal specifically to them.

#2 High Quality Scores

You simply cannot maintain a healthy Google AdWords account with low quality scores for the search terms you are bidding on. That’s because Google determines search position based on a combination of bid prices and quality scores, so you’ll have to spend a lot more to compete if your ads aren’t considered to be relevant and trustworthy.

Also, low quality scores are an indirect sign that searchers aren’t clicking on your ads. If that’s not happening, then you probably aren’t going to get many conversions, either. So, the fact that Google doesn’t think your ads are relevant could be a byproduct of a bigger issue.

#3 Strong Conversion Ratios

Ultimately, success in pay-per-click advertising is all about generating sales or conversions. That’s pretty obvious, but it can also be easy to overlook once you start digging into the details of web analytics.

This is another way of saying you can miss the forest for the trees, especially when you’re studying percentages, landing page efficiency, and so on. If your website isn’t generating conversions consistently, then none of the other elements within your campaigns really matter. Your AdWords account is only effective if it’s helping the bottom line.

It might be fun watching visitors flock to your website, but if you aren’t generating positive returns from your ads, then what is really being accomplished. Now is a great time to call Biondo Creative and let our team of pay-per-click experts review your campaigns to see how we can make them efficient. Your first meeting is free, and there’s no obligation. You’ve got nothing to lose, so what you waiting for?