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How Small Companies Topple Bigger Competitors Online

Published: August 12, 2020
How Small Companies Topple Bigger Competitors Online

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It is sometimes accepted as a given that you can’t succeed in online marketing if there are a few major players in your business or industry. It’s easy to see why some entrepreneurs think that, but our experience suggests something different: that in some cases it’s the smaller fish who have the advantage.

You might not be able to outspend your competition but that doesn’t mean you can’t outsell them, or at least give them a serious run for their money. Let’s look at a handful of ways small business owners outfox their larger competitors.

They Work Within Niches or Geographic Zones

If you want to take on a bigger competitor, it pays to do it in areas where they are vulnerable. That might mean pushing certain products, market segments, or geographic areas where you are more attractive to buyers than they are. Figure out why someone would work with you instead of a larger company and exploit that niche again and again. They probably won’t be able to match you step for step.

They Use Creativity Rather Than Big Budgets

You can use a huge advertising budget to show your marketing messages everywhere. That doesn’t matter, though, if buyers aren’t impressed. In the same way, your ads and social posts can go viral (or at least be noticed) if they are creative and speak to the emotional hot buttons of your audience. The point here is to be creative in the way you present yourself and your business. Get beyond normal messages of price and service to get customers to notice you instead of your competition.

They Build Loyal Fans and Followers with Service

Speaking of service, larger companies aren’t exactly known for their personal, one-on-one interactions. Instead, they might treat buyers like numbers. If you can go above and beyond in terms of customer service, and then get people to talk about it on review sites and social media, you’ll go a long way towards attracting new sales. And, you’ll build a loyal army of fans and followers who are more receptive to your marketing and less likely to take their business to a bigger competitor.

They Stay One Step Ahead of Their Bigger Competitors

In a bigger company it might take months or longer to alter a content plan, change an ad campaign, or start working on a new social media platform. As a small business owner you can stay nimble. It’s entirely within your power to make new decisions as market conditions move. You can take advantage of that dynamic to react more quickly to buyer wants and needs and stay one step ahead of a bigger firm at all times.

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