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What Public Relations Is All About in the Digital Age?

Published: July 01, 2020

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Nearly every aspect of running and promoting a business has changed in the internet age. That’s particularly true of public relations, which is the art and science of generating positive buzz for organizations of all sizes.

In the old days, public relations included TV interview spots, opinion pieces in business publications, and even lots of high-profile events where entrepreneurs, politicians, and celebrities could interact with fans and media members. In the digital age, though, PR has taken on some new twists. That’s only natural – it’s a lot easier to spread messaging over social media than it is these traditional techniques.

However, saying that PR has changed isn’t the same as saying that it’s gone away. What is public relations all about in the digital age? Here are a few things a PR-savvy vendor does for you…

Promoting New Products and Ideas Without Ads

Running ads, online or off, isn’t the only way to improve sales and draw attention to your products or services. Using public relations tactics, you can get reviewers, bloggers, and media personalities talking about what you have to offer. Or, you can be promoted as a public personality with specific expertise. Either way, you’ll benefit from increased exposure.

In some ways good public relations can be better than advertising since it feels less overt. Your potential customers feel like they are just “hearing about you” rather than being pitched on a specific promotion.

Bringing Attention to Industry Events or Points of View

In many cases, the goal of a public relations campaign isn’t to raise sales directly but to change public perceptions about an issue or idea. For example, an industry group might want to fight certain taxes, regulations, or other barriers that are preventing growth. Or, they might want to let the public know about a new process and how safe and efficient it is.

If you aren’t at the helm of a large company or organization you might need to band together with others to take on a public relations campaign of size. However, it could be the case that a rising tide raises all ships so it might be worth the effort.

Helping a Business to Overcome a Faulty Perception

Perhaps the best-known use for public relations is to back down from an unfortunate incident or perception. Despite the Hollywood image of a PR agent offering “spin” to dozens of media outlets at once, real-world PR rarely works this way. Instead, it’s just a matter of making sure that reporters and interested parties have all the facts.

Once again, this is a task that is become infinitely easier in the digital age. A good public relations partner can use tools like blogs, videos, infographics, and other mediums to make sure the world knows what’s really happening and keep you from suffering from misinformation.

Want to Make Public Relations Part of Your Marketing Mix?

Biondo Creative can help you attract press attention and improve the public’s awareness and impression of your company. If you’d like to learn more about what we can do to help your business grow, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.