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Is Your Web Design Team Helping You With Public Relations?

Published: July 29, 2020
Is Your Web Design Team Helping You With Public Relations?

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Public relations is often (and mistakenly) thought to only apply to huge corporations. Many small business owners tell us they don’t worry about PR because they don’t have the resources to find their way onto national TV programs or see their op-ed pieces show up in major media publications.

These are certainly tools major Fortune 500 companies use to shape their public images, but good PR can arguably be more important and effective for smaller businesses. And, as a smaller operator you don’t have to retain a huge public relations firm – you can get help from a knowledgeable web designer or digital marketing partner who has a little expertise in the area.

How would your marketing partner help you with public relations? Here are a few the most important ways.

By Looking for Positive Media Opportunities

Even in this age of blogs, YouTube clips, and social networking the media can be a great multiplier. By appearing on a business segment, contributing to an article in your industry, or winning a local ward you can get more exposure to customers than you would through months of advertising.

A PR-savvy digital marketing team can help you look for these opportunities or even generate them out of thin air. They can use time and expertise that aren’t available to you to improve your public profile month after month.

By Helping You to Create Viral Content

In some ways, the lines between public relations and digital marketing have been blurred in recent years. That’s particularly true when thinking about the value of so-called “viral” content.

In decades past, advertising agencies spent huge amounts of time and money trying to influence target audiences with messaging that would catch on and be spread independently of paid campaigns. The same thing happens now, except that it tends to occur on Twitter instead of magazine ads. While no one can guarantee viral performance, a good marketing partner will help you stack the odds in your favor with created content that’s easy to digest and share.

By Keeping an Eye on Your Public Image

It’s important for any public relations campaign to include a bit of offense and defense. In other words, for all the work that has to be done to spread positive messaging about you and your business there also needs to be a bit of monitoring for potential signs of trouble.

Today’s digital marketing agencies are uniquely positioned to handle the job, with Google news alerts and social listening tools that help us keep our ears to the ground. If you want to know what the public is saying about you, and to shape those conversations, your web design team can help.

Get the Comprehensive Marketing Guidance You Need

As a business owner or executive, your job isn’t to know everything about web design, website development, search engine optimization, branding, public relations, or a million other related topics. But, that doesn’t mean you can ignore them, either.

When you have a small and committed team of professionals who know the digital marketing landscape and have your best interests at heart, you can boost sales while keeping costs down. If that’s the kind of service you want and expect, contact Biondo Creative in Philadelphia today so we can show you exactly what we do for our clients.