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7 Ways to Enhance a Business Website

Published: June 24, 2020

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Getting from your initial meeting with a web designer to a finished, functional, and launched web presence can be a daunting task. It’s no wonder many of our business owner clients feel a sense of relief once their new sites go live and they can finally start to enjoy their marketing and branding benefits.

What we ask them to always remember, though, is that “finished” is a very temporary condition in the world of web design. To make your site last, and to maximize its marketing power, you should look for ways to refresh your new layout once in a while.

With that in mind, here are seven ways you can enhance an existing business website without spending a lot of time or money to replace it completely…

#1 Change Up Your Content

Giving your website a fresh look and message can be as simple as swapping the text or images you have for something new. This also has the side effect of improving your visibility on Google and keeping your pages up-to-date with current information for customers.

#2 Add New Subpages

Over time, as your business grows and changes, you may find that you have too much information cluttered onto too few pages. Reorganizing your site, and adding a few new tabs or sections can be the perfect way to help buyers find the resources they need.

#3 Revise Your Navigation

Along with adding new sections to your website, you could also revamp your navigation. Simplify your menu bars, add a search tab, or make other steps that remove any obstacles to finding and using the right topics. That way visitors will spend more time on your site and feel less frustrated.

#4 Weed Out Dead Pages

Enhancing your website isn’t always about adding something new. By taking away “dead” pages that don’t get many visits or refer to parts of your company that no longer exist, you can give it a cleaner, smoother feel. You can also prevent customers from asking about products or services that are no longer available.

#5 Lose Old Plug-ins

Did you know that outdated or extraneous plug-ins can slow down your website? By removing them you’ll speed your pages up and take away loopholes that hackers can use to get your data. It’s always a good idea to audit your pages and see if there are pieces of code that can easily be removed.

#6 Upgrade Your Web Hosting

Web hosting is the hidden ingredient in a fast, reliable website. Often business owners choose the cheapest hosting option they can find because they don’t understand the value of a good plan. For a few dollars a month you can make your website more responsive and secure. We recommend WPEngine for business class web hosting.

#7 Look at Your Analytics

More often than not, the insights you need to enhance your website can be found within Google Analytics. When you study what kinds of visitors you have coming to your website, and what they do once they arrive, you start to see obvious opportunities for growth and improvement.

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