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What Is Involved In Graphic Design From a Business Owner’s Perspective?

Published: April 01, 2020

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Sometimes, business owners approach graphic design as if it were a product they could buy from a vendor. They want to write a check and get “good design” in the same way they would purchase good tires for a company vehicle.

Certainly, clients don’t have to do the heavy lifting of business graphic design when it comes to brainstorming visual ideas or strategies. But, they do have to be consulted and make decisions at certain stages of the process. Otherwise, the resulting piece might look good but won’t deliver the right business results.

So, what is involved in graphic design from a business owner’s perspective? Here are a few responsibilities you should be prepared for…

Business Owners Set the Tone for Their Own Branding

While a graphic design team might help you set up the various elements of your brand – including logos, fonts, and other ingredients – it’s up to you to decide what kind of impression you want to make on customers. Do you want to come across as elegant or approachable? Should people feel as if your business is established or up-and-coming? These are important choices that will impact your marketing for years to come and no one should make them for you.

Clients Might Need to Make High-Level Decisions on Color or Style

As designers, we know what looks good. What we can’t always say is whether one particular aesthetic is better for a certain client or situation. We certainly can’t predict whether an individual will prefer one style over another, particularly if they are close. While some business owners will defer to a graphic designer’s opinion, you should have input on major choices that influence your branding in a significant way.

Business Owners Have to Be Concerned With Accuracy

Once your marketing piece is released you are going to be responsible for the message it sends to customers. If a photo shows something that isn’t accurate then you won’t be able to blame it on your design team later. Remember that the artists and layout professionals you hire don’t know your business or industry as well as you do. Look over their work to ensure that whatever is released with your company’s name on it accurately reflects your products, services, or sales points.

Business Owners Have Ultimate Decision-Making Power

On rare occasions you might outright disagree with your design team. That’s all right. You should take their expertise into account, but never forget that it’s your business, your future, and your money on the line. You have the ultimate power to approve a design, ask for a revision, or even look for a new vendor. By embracing your authority in this area you also take ownership of the results.

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