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7 Signs You Need to See A Graphic Designer

Published: April 15, 2020

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Graphic design can be very subjective, and it can be (understandably) difficult to convince business owners to get graphic design help when they feel like their existing marketing pieces are sufficient. Still, there are times when the ads, manuals, and other materials that are presented to us as being “fine” are obviously in desperate need of help. When that happens, the underwhelming designs are costing the company money, even if the clients don’t realize it yet.

To help you avoid making the same kinds of mistakes, let’s look at seven clear signs you need to see a good graphic designer right away…

#1 You Haven’t Updated Your Marketing Materials in Years

Some designs are timeless, but usually materials (especially websites and print marketing) need to be updated or refreshed every few years. That’s particularly true if a company, or underlying industry, experiences lots of change or turmoil.

#2 Printers or Web Designers Have Trouble with Your Files

Older designs sometimes have formatting issues that make them difficult for printers, web designers, and other vendors to work with. That might not seem like a big deal, but it will be if your materials come off looking amateurish because things like colors and borders aren’t coming through correctly.

#3 Your Visual Identity Isn’t a Good Match for Your Business

Brands grow and change, particularly as businesses change hands or shift their focus. Over time, it can happen that a set of marketing materials doesn’t really reflect the personality of the underlying company anymore even if the products or services themselves are the same.

#4 Your Ads or Mailers Aren’t Generating Leads

It’s easy to fall into the trap of throwing good money after bad because you want to stick with an existing strategy. However, if you’re spending money on printing and postage without getting leads or sales in return, then it’s a clear signal that you need to change your approach, starting with fresh creative work.

#5 Customers or Prospects Have Given Negative Feedback

If a customer or prospect says something negative about your graphic design work that rings true, don’t ignore the comment. There’s a good chance dozens of others have felt the same way without speaking up. You don’t want a bad design to continue to cost you money or hurt your company’s image.

#6 You Feel Like Your Marketing Could Have More Impact

This can be a gray area, but if you think things are “fine” without being outstanding there might be room for improvement. In other words, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at some new designs and see if you might have an opportunity to achieve bigger results with a fresh approach.

#7 You’re About to Launch a New Product or Idea

Don’t use old designs to push a new product or idea. Not only is that confusing to customers, but that causes you to miss out on your chance to make a splash with your target market. If you have something new to share with buyers make sure it’s easy for them to notice it.

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