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What Can You Do With Google Analytics?

Published: November 20, 2019

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Here at Biondo Creative, we talk a lot about the virtues and benefits of Google Analytics. It’s a wonderful (and free) app that can help you to understand what’s happening on your website while discovering new online marketing opportunities.

However, we often find new clients come to us without much understanding about the specifics that Google Analytics has to offer. With that in mind, today’s post is going to highlight seven key insights you can gain from learning the basics of the software. Here are some things you will be able to see right away…

#1 The Number of Visits to Your Website

Do you know how many unique visits you get on your website every day or week? Do you have a good handle on whether that number is rising, falling, or staying flat? These are important indicators of online marketing success (or failure) that you need to have a grip on, and they are amongst the most basic pieces of information you can get from Google Analytics.

#2 The Sources of Your Web Visitors

Just as important as knowing how many visits you’re getting to your website is having an idea of where they originate from. That can tell you whether you need to be more active on your social media accounts, invest more time in search engine optimization, etc. Google Analytics will tell you exactly where your customers are arriving from so you can get more of them.

#3 How Long Visitors are Staying on Your Website

While it’s easy to judge the quality of your business website on aesthetics, engagement is a far more powerful indicator of profitability. In short, having potential customers spend more time on your website is better than having them leave right away. That’s why this is such an important performance indicator to track through Google Analytics.

#4 The Most Popular Pages and Content on Your Website

What do customers like or dislike on your website? Which ideas are most popular with them? When you have the answers to these questions you can craft new content and offers that address their most important concerns or hot buttons. And, you can revise pages on your website that are turning buyers off.

#5 How Conversions are Being Generated on Your Website

You probably already know whether your website is generating conversions or not. But, do you know what percentage of visits are resulting in leads or sales, or which steps prospects are taking along the way? You can’t maximize the effectiveness of your sales funnel without good information, and that’s exactly what Google Analytics gives you.

#6 Bounce Rates for Individual Web Pages

Bounces from your website are visits that don’t result in any action. They occur when someone arrives at one of your pages, doesn’t see anything that interests them, and clicks away. You’ll almost always want to be minimizing bounces on your website, but you can’t do that until you know where they are being generated so that you can address the underlying issues.

#7 Online Marketing Trends Affecting Your Business

As important as the preceding statistics and indicators are, the real value of Google Analytics lies in its ability to point you towards bigger trends and opportunities over time. Your business isn’t static; products and prices change, and competitors adapt and react. By staying on top of your web statistics you can stay ahead of the curve and maximize your marketing impact.

Ready to Get Your Business Website Moving?

Many of the business owners and executives who turn to Biondo Creative don’t need web analytics to see that their existing plans and campaigns aren’t working. They already know they aren’t getting enough visits, enough engagement, or real-world sales results.

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