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How Plumbers Can Keep Online Leads Flowing In

Published: July 09, 2019

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could turn on a faucet that poured fresh leads and appointments straight into your plumbing business? While there might not be a physical tool you can use to open such a valve, there is the immense power of online marketing that can be put to use for the same purpose.

While many plumbers and plumbing companies don’t yet realize it, customers are using Google, Facebook, and other web portals to find local customers more than ever before. Search engines and social media have almost entirely replaced the Yellow Pages and print ads. Word-of-mouth is now spread through email and review sites.

So, what can savvy plumbers do to keep online leads flowing in? Here are some steps you can take right away with the help of a professional creative team…

Get a Professional Website

In many cases your website will be the first (and possibly only) thing a homeowner or property manager is going to see before they decide whether to pick up the phone or not. So, it’s important your pages be professionally designed, point out what kind of work you do, and highlight any geographic areas you service. Additionally, your website should have information for emergency appointments and quoting procedures so you can attract the customers who need you most.

Make the Most of Online Reviews

Other than visiting your website, the one thing a potential customer might do before scheduling an appointment with your company is to read reviews from other homeowners or business managers. What they’ll want to see is that you are fast, professional, and fair with your billing. That can’t happen, though, unless you have other satisfied customers who are willing to leave reviews saying those things. Fortunately, you can use automated tools to encourage buyers to leave feedback about your business and monitor your reputation on the web.

Optimize Content for Local Search

While some retailers and professional services companies have competitors all over the country, most plumbers only have to compete with others in their city or neighborhood. By including things like street names, ZIP Codes, and other contact details on your website, you can make it easy for Google (and real-world customers) to figure out whether you are close to their home or business. The more optimization you do on your website for local search, the better your phone-in leads are going to be.

Employ a Smart Internet Ad Strategy

Having a good website with lots of geographic keywords will help you attract potential customers in your area. If you really want to win as much business as possible, though, you should look into placing a series of targeted search ads. These can help you to increase your appointments and billings by targeting the homeowners and property managers who need you most at exactly the right moment. You can even configure your accounts to make sure your ads are being shown to those in the right areas and set preferences for language or device type.

Is it Time to Turn on the Online Marketing Faucet?

Your plumbing business might not have changed much in the last few years, but the best ways to reach customers definitely have. If you want to use the web to keep your phone ringing and your billing consistent, it’s time to talk to the experts at Biondo Creative in Philadelphia. We can help you turn on your online marketing faucet and keep it running for years to come!