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How Construction Companies Can Promote Themselves Online

Published: June 11, 2019

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Construction company owners, managers, and contractors are realizing that the changes that came to other industries are arriving to their business, too. In essence, customers are getting smarter and are using the web to shop around when they need building and renovation services.

As a result, construction companies that have promoted their companies online have enjoyed significant advantages for the last couple of years. And, they are starting to put a lot of distance between themselves and their competitors. Print advertising, paper bids, and word-of-mouth referrals can all still be helpful when promoting your construction company, but you have to make room for internet-based marketing.

In this short post we want to look at some things construction companies like yours need to promote themselves on the web…

A Website That is Professional and Distinctive

The first thing a potential customer wants to know when they arrive on your website is whether or not you’re good at what you do. They are going to make snap judgments based on your layout, text, and images, which is why you need a web presence that’s professional and distinctive. It should make you look like you’re the best in the business, and answer questions about any particular specialties or areas of expertise that make your firm different than others.

Lots of Photos and Case Studies

Nothing shows off your building and renovation skills like completed structures and remodeled spaces. So, your website should feature lots of photographs, particularly of residential or commercial areas that are polished and inviting. In addition, you might feature case studies for projects that were finished on time and within budget. Each of these increases the confidence new customers can place in your work.

Quotes from Happy Commercial or Residential Clients

As great is it would be for your results to speak for themselves, your marketing will be even better if it features quotes and testimonials from people who have worked with you in the past. Try to get them to say specific things about your timing, responsiveness, and efficiency. Most of your prospects will be afraid of hiring a construction company that’s slow, sloppy, or loose with their bidding process. Show them that you’re different and better from the competition.

A Smart Online Advertising Strategy

It’s smart to have a professionally-designed website that shows off the great work you do. It’s even better if you can back it up with a targeted advertising strategy that ensures potential customers and clients will come across your business when they are thinking about gathering proposals for a new building or project. Use search and social ads to gain visibility and give your bottom line a boost.

Ready to Build a Better Web Strategy for Your Construction Company?

If you want to turn your construction website from an online brochure to a source of new business, then it’s time to get a blueprint that leads to more bids, proposals, and working projects. The experienced team at Biondo Creative in Philadelphia can help. Contact us today so we can evaluate your current website and get you a quote for everything you need to take your construction business to the next level.