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Could Social Advertising Double Your Retailing Revenue?

Published: June 18, 2019

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Retailers see both sides of the coin when it comes to the online marketing conundrum of 2019. On the one hand, they are presented with almost unlimited opportunities to attract customers and build a brand. But on the other hand, they have to watch their spending in a competitive environment and be sure they don’t waste time or money on campaigns that won’t work out.

Perhaps that’s why they often feel a mixture of excitement and fear when it comes to social advertising.

The good news is that you can use social ads (particularly on Facebook) to double your retailing revenue in a relatively short amount of time. The bad news is that won’t happen automatically – you have to be smart when planning and executing your campaigns. Let’s look at a few ideas we have used to get big results for the retailers we have worked with at Biondo Creative in the past…

Pick Your Perfect Customers by Interest and Behavior

The wonderful thing about advertising on Facebook and other social media sites is that you can use easily-accessible demographic tools to narrow in on your perfect customers. In fact, you can use quantifiable identifiers like groups they follow and past behaviors to narrow in on the section of the market that is most likely to be interested in the products you have to offer. That’s something you just can’t do with search engine optimization or search advertising.

Narrow in on Cities and Neighborhoods

If your store only serves certain areas or neighborhoods you can use social advertising to reach out to customers by geography. Even better, you can adjust those settings over time to reach your target market and make sure that none of your marketing budget is being wasted. This is a great way to find new sales, of course, but also take advantage of your existing reputation with customers living or working in your area.

Use Coupons and Discounts for Quick Sales

It can be difficult to stand out on social media, particularly when the buyers you want to reach have hundreds of different items showing up in their feeds every day. One way to break through the noise – and to generate revenue quickly – is to offer coupons and discounts to social viewers and followers. You might be amazed at how many people will stop in your store or shop online if you give them the chance to take 10% or 20% off of their order if they buy before a certain deadline.

Promote Your In-Store Specials and Events

Using social media isn’t all about generating quick or direct sales. If you have parties, guest speakers, product demos, or other events, those can all be shared to your social profiles. Not only will you find attendees, but the effect can be magnified by the fact that many fans and followers will decide to show up if they see that others in their network are choosing to attend. Then, a big sales boost is sure to arrive during or after the event.

Does Your Retailing Business Have Room to Grow?

Retailing can be a tough business, or one with virtually unlimited potential for growth and profits. The difference is often in the philosophy you adopt and the way you approach online marketing.

If you feel like your store could be using the internet more efficiently than it’s time to talk with our expert team. Contact Biondo Creative in Philadelphia today to see what we’ve been able to do for other retailers like you.