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What Online Marketing Means For A Dental Practice

Published: May 14, 2019

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Until a few years ago, it seemed that most dentists and dental practice managers were largely ignoring the potential of online marketing. The thinking seemed to be that most people find dentists through word-of-mouth referrals, and that might certainly be true.

However, it’s also the case that most word-of-mouth advertising is spread over the internet these days. Additionally, some patients could be moving, seeking a specialist, or just want a better experience for themselves or their families. As a result, online marketing is becoming a bigger and bigger part of running a successful dental practice.

But, what does it actually mean to promote dentistry work over the internet? To help you answer that question, we looked back over some of our recent projects and came up with a handful of useful tips and ideas…

Your Website Can Create a Sense of Comfort

Having a professionally-designed website is important to virtually any type of business. However, for a dental practice it can be especially crucial. That’s because there are lots of people who feel nervous about going to any kind of dental professional. Certainly most are afraid of having a bad experience when it comes to having drills and sharp tools placed in their mouths. For that reason, your website should exude a sense of calm and comfort.

Your Reputation is Everything

Just as important as your dental website, is your reputation amongst patients. The reviews people leave for you – particularly when it comes to the treatment they received from you and your staff – will go a long way towards convincing new patients to set appointments. We use simple and low-cost tools to help the businesses we work with to attract more reviews and keep tabs on what people are saying about them on the internet. We feel strongly that it’s something every dentist should sign up for.

Location Matters to Patients

One great thing about online marketing in 2019 is that you can use Google, Facebook, and other platforms to not only tell the world about your dental practice, but also to let patients know where you are located. That’s a big deal because most people want to have a dentist who has an office that’s located close to their home or work. Make sure your site and social profiles are optimized for the right city names, ZIP Codes, and neighborhood keywords.

You Should Highlight any Specialties

Does your dental practice have any specific specialties, or access to other tools and technologies that some of your colleagues might not? If you can handle root canals, specialty composite fillings, or clear braces (as examples) that should definitely be highlighted on your website and online marketing materials. That way your perfect patients can find you more easily.

Use Ads to Your Advantage

Smart dentists use online ads through Google and Facebook to keep promoting themselves to potential patients throughout a community. It’s fast, easy, and affordable to set up these kinds of campaigns, and they can pay huge dividends over time. If you aren’t using ads to promote your practice, you’re probably losing patients to other dentists who are.

Is it Time to Get More from Your Dental Website?

Do you feel like you aren’t getting as many appointments as you could be from your dental website? Does it seem like your colleagues and competitors are getting ahead using Google, Facebook, and other online tools while your practice falls behind?

If so, now is the perfect time to talk with the experts at Biondo Creative to see how we can help. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!