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Using Social Media To Promote Your HVAC Business

Published: May 07, 2019

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You might assume (as lots of our new clients do) that social media promotion is for musicians, online retailers, and car companies with gleaming photos to share. If so, it might surprise you to know that we do some of our best work for local service companies, including a number of HVAC service providers.

How can an HVAC business use sites like Facebook and Twitter to find customers? Here are a few tried and true tips you can use to use social platforms to market your company…

Tell Your Story with Pictures

Social media runs on images. Humans have an easier time recognizing and remembering visuals than they do text, so it’s no surprise that your customers’ crowded Facebook feed is going to be dominated by pictures. Image-based content also tends to get more likes and shares, so you’ll get more mileage from your efforts. Remember that as you look through our remaining tips and concepts.

Feature Client Testimonials

Your customers might not always understand the technical aspects of the work you do, but they will want to know that they’ll be happy they hired you. The easiest way to set that expectation and calm their fears is to post lots of testimonials from other customers who were pleased with your work, value, and service. Just be sure to take the advice we’ve already given and put those glowing testimonials into images that social media users can quickly scan and understand.

Show Off Before-and-After Stories

One of the most powerful tools at an HVAC marketer’s disposal is a good before-and-after image or story. If you have pictures that show off dirty air ducts, out-of-control thermostats, or moldy areas of a home, you can use them to alert potential customers of the problems that might be lurking in their own houses or buildings. And of course, you can also show them how you are able to solve a problem in a way that’s interesting and memorable by posting pictures of the same spaces after your work was completed.

Promote Your Credentials

You should always look to include credentials and signs of credibility with each of your social media image postings. These might include professional certifications, business memberships (like your affiliation with the Better Business Bureau), or even a summary of your star review rating on Yelp or Angie’s List. Each of these helps to reinforce the idea that you are trustworthy and skilled at tackling HVAC projects of all sizes.

Use the Internet to Find More Commercial or Residential HVAC Clients

At Biondo Creative in Philadelphia, we aren’t just experts in web design and online marketing – we know how to turn that knowledge into bottom line results you can see. If you’d like to find out more about what we can do to help your HVAC business grow using smart internet strategies, contact us today to schedule a free consultation and website review.