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How to Erase a Competitor’s Lead on Google

Published: March 05, 2019
How to Erase a Competitor’s Lead on Google

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If you’re like most of the business owners we work with, you have probably dreamed of having your website ranking on Google’s top positions for several phrases your best potential customers search. But what happens when one of your competitors isn’t just in the way, but so far ahead that it seems like you’ll never catch them?

Believe it or not, you can erase a competitor’s lead in search engine optimization (SEO). You just need the right game plan. Here is how you can get started…

Narrow in on Your Target Market

The first step is to figure out exactly what kinds of customers you want to attract to your website. A lot of business owners like to jump straight into the details of SEO, but those only matter when you have established your target market in a careful way.

Figure out what you have to offer, and who wants it, and many of the details to come will take care of themselves.

Fix Any Issues with Your Website

Often, when a competitor has a huge SEO lead it isn’t because their website or content is so great – it’s because yours has technical issues that prevent Google from sending traffic your way.

A detailed website audit can help you uncover any hidden issues. Then, you can work together with your web design and development team to clear up any problems like slow-loading pages, outdated plug-ins, and unreliable web hosting.

Look for Easy Places to Make SEO Gains

One way to make vast improvements in your search position is by looking for the low-hanging fruit. These might include more complex search strings, products or brand names you own, or geographic keywords in areas where you don’t have a lot of competition.

Not only can you see quick gains in these markets, but they often tend to be amongst the most profitable.

Experiment with PPC Advertising

Another shortcut you can take to the top of Google search listings involves paying for the right kind of traffic.

Some business owners are reluctant to put money into search advertising, but if your campaigns are highly-targeted, then you can appeal to your very best buyers at an incredibly affordable per-click rate. Additionally, many marketers find that their paid traffic converts at a high rate so they keep their PPC campaigns running even after their organic SEO efforts pay off.

Start Working on a Bigger SEO Effort

After you’ve taken advantage of the areas where you can quickly catch and surpass your competitors, it’s time to dig in and begin a more detailed SEO and content marketing plan.

If your competition is really entrenched, it could take several months – or even longer – for you to catch them. But, if you employ the tactics we’ve outlined already and keep at it, the payoff should not only be quick, but build steadily over time.

Need Help Jumpstarting Your Online Marketing?

Search engine optimization, like everything else in the world of online marketing, is a lot easier when you have the right creative team on your side. So, if you haven’t been getting the advice or results you deserve up to now, this might be the perfect opportunity to try a new approach.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation so we can show you what it takes to turn your website into a source of new leads and sales this year.