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What SEO Success Looks Like

Published: December 08, 2016

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A lot of clients come to me because they want to find more success search engine optimization. Curiously enough, though, they sometimes have trouble describing what that success would actually look like.

Many assume that when SEO is “working,” they’ll have a top Google ranking for one of their most important search phrases. From there, they assume sales will follow along naturally. That’s understandable, but it’s a bit of an incomplete picture, and it leaves a few gaps in the process.

So, how do you know whether your SEO campaigns are actually successful? What should you be working towards? To help answer these questions, here are a few things I think every marketer who wants to attract business from Google should be aiming for…

A Top Search Position

More than two-thirds of all search engine visitors will click on one of the first five results (and often several of them), but won’t go very far into the results past that. Instead, they’ll simply enter a new search string. So, if you know what buyers are searching to find a company like yours, it’s critical that you rank in the number one position, or as close to it is you possibly can.

A Defined Conversion Path

Once prospects arrive at your website, you need a way to turn them into leads or buyers. That’s where your conversion path comes in. It’s essentially a trail of breadcrumbs that takes a searcher from their initial landing page to subsequent offers, buttons, or pieces of content. It only ends when they’ve decided to take the next step and buy from you or request more information.

Targeted, Qualified Leads (or Sales)

Regardless of how well thought out the first two ingredients I mentioned are, they don’t mean much unless you are getting a steady stream of buyers or leads. In fact, if those opportunities aren’t converting at a high rate, then the leads could actually represent a waste of your time and money. In the event that they aren’t as profitable as they should be, it might be time to re-examine the types of buyers you’re appealing to or the offers you are making through your website.

Becoming a Thought Leader in Your Field

The content you add to your cipher search engine optimization purposes shouldn’t just build up your standing with Google’s spiders – it should also help you become a thought leader in your field, as well. That means showing off your knowledge, testing new concepts, and enhancing your credibility. These might sound like intellectual goals, but the more searchers respect you, the better results you’re going to get from your SEO campaigns over time.

Without each of these pieces, no search engine optimization campaign can truly be successful. So, if you’re missing any of them, now is a great time to call Biondo Creative at 267-362-9321 and let us put our experience to work for you. Let’s set a time to talk so we can get started!