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How Marketing Automation Boosts Your Business

Published: December 07, 2018
How Marketing Automation Boosts Your Business

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Marketing automation has become something of a buzzword in the web design industry lately, but interest isn’t really living up to execution. In other words, even though lots of business owners are excited about the idea of creating automated marketing campaigns, most aren’t actually taking steps to put them in place.

That’s unfortunate, because marketing automation isn’t just a cool idea – it’s something that can provide a big boost to your business and allow you to improve your bottom line in numerous ways. To help you understand why, let’s look at a few of the big benefits…

Marketing Automation Means Less Time Wasted

Many clients tell us they never understood how much time they spent chasing down bad leads and poor sales opportunities until they started taking marketing automation seriously.

When you set up a series of auto responders and lead generation activities, it takes the burden off of you and your team to manage every prospect interaction. Potential customers can move themselves through a sales funnel that is driven by your website and integrated apps. As a result, you’ll find yourself with more time because you aren’t playing phone tag or generating proposals that aren’t going anywhere.

If you are one of those rare business owners who doesn’t need more hours in the day, this might not be important to you. But, it’s something most of our marketing automation clients come to appreciate very quickly.

Marketing Automation Delivers Higher-Quality Leads

Another strong feature of marketing automation is that it helps small and medium-sized businesses to generate more leads and close a higher percentage of inquiries.

At first, that can seem almost impossible. How could you possibly get more leads and better leads at the same time? The answer has to do with the way those leads are being generated. Because you are reaching more buyers through your website, you maintain a wider reach. And, since those buyers are only contacting you once they have qualified themselves as being a good fit for what you offer, they waste less of your time and aren’t so aggressive about negotiating discounts.

Imagine having more hours in the day, and being able to bring in solid leads through your website. That’s the power of marketing automation.

Automated Marketing Campaigns Are Scalable

One last thing to know about online marketing automation is that it makes sales efforts more scalable. You don’t get tied into big commitments that could come back to haunt you later.

Almost every business owner who has been around for a while knows the sinking feeling that comes with making a new marketing push (and possibly some new sales hires) just before the economy turns sour. They are on the books for those salaries and campaigns, while at the same time revenue is decreasing.

With automated marketing campaigns, this is less of a concern. Because your website is doing the heavy lifting, you can put off the big expenses that normally occur and concentrate on drumming up business. When things are slower you might get fewer inquiries, but you already have a system in place that won’t put a big drain on your cash flow.

In our minds, there are really only two types of companies right now: those that have discovered the joys of online marketing automation, and the ones who are falling behind because they don’t yet understand the profit-pushing power of these systems. Which group does your business fall into?

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