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How to Capture More Leads Online

Published: October 06, 2017

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Do you get lots of visits to your small business website, but very few inquiries? Are you doing everything you can to get traffic from search engines and social media platforms, but find yourself struggling to generate leads?

A lot of marketers fall into this category. They have tools and campaigns in place designed to help them rank well on Google or gather engagement on Facebook, but they still feel as if they aren’t getting as many sales opportunities as they should be. In many cases, that’s because they don’t really have a compelling offer in place that moves visitors to action. There is plenty of information and content on their site, but nothing that drives buyers to take the next step.

That’s a small detail, but one that can make or break an opportunity at the critical moment when a potential buyer is about to either share their contact information or take their attention elsewhere. Here are a handful of proven strategies you can use to capture more leads from your website every day…

Offer a Discount

Everybody likes to get a great deal. That’s a universal truth in just about every market, industry, or setting. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that one of the easiest ways to boost conversions is by offering a small one-time discount when it’s time for the customer to make a decision. To increase the urgency and effectiveness of your discount, you could even make it time-sensitive. That way, buyers have to act or lose the opportunity forever.

Give Away Something Valuable

You can get a customer to share their email address (or another piece of contact information) by giving them something valuable in return. Just note that has to be valuable to them, not you. That means a copy of your latest promotional video isn’t going to cut it. However, it also means you don’t have to spend a lot of money to provide value. Instead of a coupon or discount, for example, you could give out an informational resource like an e-book or buying guide. Website visitors who want your insights might be willing to let you follow up with them later in exchange for some good advice now.

Tease Your Newsletter

While giving away an ebook or buying guide is good, getting a subscriber to your newsletter could be even better. After all, it gives you more chances to convince them to work with you over time. In order to get subscriptions, though, you’re going to have to tease your newsletter a bit. Show off recent headlines for your articles, or promote the fact that you offer special deals to the members who are on your list. These have their own value, and give you more chances to win a customer’s business week after week.

Use Social Media Tie-Ins

The same approach you take with your email newsletter can be applied to your social media profiles. The difference is that your social posts have to be shorter and more entertainment-based, or feature a steady flow of deals and discounts. At the same time, your social followers can send you testimonials and reviews, so don’t discount the value of capturing a lead in the form of a new contact on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Turning website visitors into leads isn’t rocket science, but it does require an intentional approach. If you feel like the results you’ve been getting for your site haven’t been on par with your expectations, now is the perfect time to put these ideas to good use and see what your web presence is really capable of!