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Why Google Ads Advertising Works So Well

Published: September 27, 2018

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Most of the business owners and executives I meet with are at least somewhat familiar with Google Ads advertising. And yet, I find that opinions about search marketing tend to be all over the place. You run into leaders at some companies who think the old Google AdWords is the greatest thing to ever come along for sales and lead generation; others insist the competition is too intense, bid prices are too high, and the response rates too low.

Experience has taught me that the pessimistic group usually suffers from a lack of perspective. They haven’t worked with a good PPC company themselves, so they assume Google Ad advertising is inefficient for everyone.

I can promise you that with the right set up and execution, you can use search ads on Google very profitably. To help the skeptics understand why, here are some of the best features of Google Ads advertising…

Google Ads Campaigns Can Be Set up Very Quickly

Although we definitely recommend you tweak some of the default settings that come with your Google advertising campaigns, a PPC services company can help you get your ads up-and-running within hours. That means you could be finding new leads and customers in a very short span of time.

With Google Ads You Set Your Own Budget

I have worked with business owners who spend a few dollars a day on Google AdWords, and some who run through thousands per month. Not only does Google allow you to set your own advertising budget, but you have the flexibility to grow your campaigns over time as you see more and more positive results.

You Can Generate an Instant Response from Your Google Ads Campaigns

If your Google ads, landing pages, and online reputation are strong enough, you might be able to see an immediate impact from your PPC campaigns. Because searchers can start clicking on your offers after they’ve been approved (usually within an hour), you might notice a very quick impact on your bottom line.

Google Lets You Customize and Test Everything

One of the most underrated features of advertising on Google is that your campaign should get stronger and more efficient as time goes by. That’s because you can alter your bids and search positioning, test new ad content, and experiment with your landing page offers. Then, your returns keep increasing as you get to know your market.

Your Google Ads PPC Campaigns Can Be Scaled Up or Down at Any Time

Unlike a lot of sales, promotions, and marketing activities, you can increase or decrease your spending on Google PPC ads in the blink of an eye. If business is going great and you want to experiment with new ads, simply “up” your budget. If money is tight and you aren’t getting the kind of ROI you expected, it’s easy to scale back your ads or pause them altogether.

Google Ads advertising certainly isn’t (and shouldn’t be) your only platform for reaching out to new customers online. However, I think you would have a hard time finding any other system that offers the same advantages, particularly at a low cost-per-click price.

If you haven’t yet seen the light on Google Ads advertising, I hope you’ll contact the Biondo Creative team today to see how we can help you get started!