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How to Make Your Online Marketing Videos Easier to Find and See

Published: August 15, 2017

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No matter where you look (our blog included) you’ll see web designers and Internet marketing experts telling you to make video an integral part of your online campaigns. They know what so many business owners are learning: a good online clip can attract attention on your landing pages, product details, and social profiles.

Coming up with great videos isn’t easy, though. It takes time and effort to plan out a shot, prepare a quiet and well-lit space, record a clean take, and make necessary edits. If you’re going to go through all that trouble, doesn’t it make sense to have your video seen by as many people as possible?

We think so. That’s why today we want to offer a few quick and easy tips you can use to make your online marketing videos easier to find and see for your customers…

Optimize Your Video Clips for Search

There are couple of ways to optimize your video for search. The first is by adding important keywords and phrases into your title and description, just as you would on a web page or blog post. Don’t forget, though, that Google can’t “crawl” your video for clearly-spoken text by transcribing. It doesn’t hurt to throw a few search terms into your main script to make your clips easier to find.

Upload Your Videos to Multiple Platforms

A lot of marketers will put videos on their own website, or their favorite social platform, and leave it at that. But, just because you prefer one outlet doesn’t mean all of your customers will. Assuming your video clip has a wide potential audience, it only makes sense to distribute it to multiple points on the web. It’s okay to post the clip on your website, but don’t forget to share your video to YouTube and Facebook, too.

Format Everything for Speed and Mobile Compatibility

Remember that mobile smart phone and tablet users now make up the majority of all web traffic in many parts of the US, and particularly in urban areas. If you want buyers to see your videos, it makes sense to format them for speed and compression so those mobile users won’t have to wait while they load. YouTube and Facebook can do this for you automatically, but choosing the right file types and sizes is critical if you are sharing on your own website.

Promote Your Marketing Videos

Your current customers and fans are the group of people most likely to view your videos – not to mention spread them to other contacts. You can get them to take an immediate interest in your clips by promoting them through email, Twitter, and your social pages. If they like what you have to say, they can help spread the word for you and bring in a bigger audience.

Filming and editing great online videos can be a lot of fun, but it still takes a little bit of work. So, if you’re going to invest a chunk of your schedule in coming up with a great clip (and you definitely should), we hope you’ll follow our tips and promote it extensively. It’s the best way to ensure customers will see your masterpiece and act on your marketing messages, so don’t skip the final step in the video production process!