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How to Spend Less (and Get More) From Google PPC Advertising

Published: June 20, 2017

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If there is one thing I’ve learned from speaking with dozens and dozens of business owners about pay-per-click advertising on Google, it’s that they all want two things: to spend less of their marketing budget and to get better results.

In the world of traditional ads, that would be a very difficult trick to pull off. After all, lowering your ad budget would mean less exposure to the market, which would likely decrease sales. Online, though, you actually can spend less and get more. That’s because you can use your Google advertising campaigns to target your very best potential customers – and only your very best potential customers. By cutting out the rest, you remove waste from your PPC expenditures.

With that in mind, let’s look at a few ways you can spend less on Google PPC advertising while still getting bigger returns week after week.

Only Use Exact and Phrase Match Keywords

The broader your matching options are, the more impressions you’re going to get. The problem with that is that many of those impressions may be to searchers who have little or no interest in what you have for sale. Most of them will ignore your ad, which depresses click through rate; or they might click on your ad anyway, costing you money without giving you the chance to earn a sale.

Embrace Negative Keywords

Newer marketers love to add new search terms to their Google AdWords campaigns, because a wider net should (theoretically) lead to more leads or sales. PPC veterans, on the other hand, work to narrow down the focus of their campaigns so no clicks or impressions are being wasted. One way to do that is by adding negative keywords that stop your ads from being shown. These can prevent you from inadvertently advertising to people who aren’t likely to respond to your messages.

Bid More Strategically

One of the first things you learn in using Google AdWords is that the top few positions tend to get most of the impressions and clicks. But, they also go to the marketers with the highest quality scores and the biggest bids. Knowing that, it might make financial sense for you to bid for a lower position on the page, especially as you are working to get your account established and raise your quality scores. You could lose money by hitting on a high position if the costs don’t justify the returns.

If you haven’t been getting the kinds of results you are expecting from Google’s pay-per-click advertising platform, now is the time to speak with us and see how we can help. We’ve become a leader in Philadelphia online marketing for the simple reason that we treat every client’s challenges if they were our own. Set up a free consultation today to see the Biondo Creative difference for yourself!