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Two Web Design Details that Customers Always Notice

Published: April 25, 2017

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Work in and around web design for long enough and you will soon realize that generating conversions is often about getting the little things right. Big changes to layouts and visuals matter, but when you’re trying to squeeze every last conversion out of your pages, you find real value in tweaking the minor details.

There are two in particular that business owners and marketers tend to overlook, even though they form powerful impressions on buyers…

The About Us Page

A lot of small businesses have a great story. And believe it or not, customers want to have a sense of what that story might be.

There are a lot of reasons for this. Perhaps your future buyers just want to know whether your company is driven by a personal passion. Or, it could be that they are concerned about your technical competence, or want to know whether you’ve been around for long enough that they can count on you being in business for the future. They may want to know about your philosophy and reputation, or might just be curious.

Regardless of the specific reason, about pages get many more page views than business owners tend to realize. So, if you have an interesting story to share with the world, this is a good place to tell it. And while you’re at it, be sure to mention anything about the company’s history or reputation that suggests quality, service, community service, or great pricing.

Employee Photos and Bios

All the reasons that an About page stands out apply even more so at the personal level. That’s especially true if you have salespeople, account reps, or others who interact with buyers on a regular basis. In the same way, if you have a one or two-person company you can expect people will scrutinize your background to see whether they can trust you.

Individual bios aren’t just about resume items and technical qualifications, though. As with your company as a whole, each individual bio should tell a story. That may include traditional items like education and experience, but it should also have a few personal elements (like favorite hobbies or something about a beloved pet) that add a personal touch. That way, customers can feel like they are getting to know the person, not just working with the vendor.

It should also be said that photos are extraordinarily important. You want to come across looking like a professional who can be trusted, and the same applies to the employees or contractors on your team. Spend some time getting some good shots with your phone, or hire a professional photographer for an hour. Either way, it will be effort well spent.

Customers and clients know what they are getting from a big company. But when they work with a smaller firm, or even an individual, they want and expect more of a personal touch. By making the most of your About page and Bio, you give yourself a noticeable branding and loyalty advantage that few others can duplicate. Are you making the most of it?