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The Importance of Social Media Crisis Management

Published: April 10, 2017

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Social media is a great tool for any business to utilize in marketing and engaging with customers. Your business has the possibility to reach a large audience through social media and do it quickly. While reaching bigger audiences could add great value to your business, it also could potentially come at a price. Problems are inevitable, and social media is a way for people to communicate the love or distaste for your business. The White House Office of Consumer Affairs says that, :News of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for a good service experience.”  How a business reacts to these potential problems or negative posts makes all the difference.

If a customer is unhappy with their experience or has negative feedback, they could use your social media sites as a place to share their bad experience. Public approval of a business and customer reviews have a huge impact on potential customers.  If there are multiple negative comments or posts about your business, it could turn leads away before they even do business with you.  However, having a good strategy in place could help turn a negative comment into a raving fan if your response is done correctly. How you handle these types of situations could make or break your business’s.

It is no secret that the public’s view of your business is one of the key factors of running a successful business. As much as we would love it, no business is perfect and problems do arise. Social media mishaps could be more detrimental to a company than you may think. The problem is out in the open and is able to rapidly spread with just a few clicks. Within 24 hours of a public problem, your business could lose thousands of followers and dollars, or more. Timing is everything, and having a plan with social media crisis management would allow you to find the solution to the problem in the fastest way possible.

How a business approaches a problem is a key factor in fixing it. Preparing your business ahead of time for a potential social media crisis is extremely important. It is highly recommended to set up a meeting with a social media professional for crisis management. With this expert, you could not only learn how to manage your media accounts and optimize outcomes, but also make a planned solution for a potential problem. If you have a plan before a problem arises, your employees will know immediately how to react and work towards the solution.

Social media crisis management is vital to your business in the digital generation. When utilizing the benefits of social media, your business also needs to prepare for potential detriments. Contact Biondo Creative today to book a meeting with one of our social media professionals!

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