Waze Advertising

Location based advertising for businesses.

What are Waze Ads?

Most people are familiar with the online advertising giant Google Ads. But many businesses are now beginning to explore a new and growing option for advertising their products and services: Waze. Waze is a mobile app that provides turn-by-turn navigation and real-time traffic updates. It has over 50 million users worldwide and is especially popular in urban areas.

Waze allows businesses to place ads that will appear when users search for specific keywords or drive near a specified location.

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How is Waze Different from other paid ads?

Waze ads are interactive. Users can tap on them for more information, directions, or even call the business directly, making Waze ads more engaging and effective than other types of online advertising.

Waze ads are location-based. Businesses can target their ads to specific geographic areas. For example, a restaurant could target ads to drivers near the restaurant or on a particular route to the restaurant. Location-based advertising allows businesses to be more efficient with their advertising budget and reach potential customers who are more likely to visit their business.

Waze ads are affordable. The cost-per-click (CPC) for Waze ads is typically lower than the CPC for other types of online advertising. And because Waze ads are more effective than other types of online advertising, businesses can get a better return on their investment (ROI) when they advertise on Waze.

Waze ads reach a large and growing audience. In addition to the 50 million users worldwide, Waze is used by more and more businesses as a navigation tool, meaning the potential audience for Waze ads is growing.
Waze ads complement other pay-per-click advertising and social media marketing, making it easy for businesses to add Waze to their existing marketing mix.

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