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Do You Have A Poor Working Relationship With Your Design Team?

Published: March 19, 2019

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Finding the right web design and online marketing team to work with isn’t just about locating a vendor you can afford or checking out their artistic instincts. The right fit between client and provider is essential to building successful marketing campaigns.

Here at Biondo Creative, we invest a lot of time into the discovery phase of any process. That is, we get to know our clients before we start working with them. That helps everyone to get moving on the right foot and eliminates most potential clashes of style and personality.

Still, on rare occasions we have difficult working relationships with our clients. That’s not good for us or the business owners and executives we serve, of course. So, we recently took the opportunity to go back and see what happened when things were tough. What we found was that most uncomfortable fits came from a handful of common causes.

If you have a poor working relationship with your creative team, look to see if one or more of the items on our list could be the reason why…

The Right Expectations Haven’t Been Set

Setting the right expectations is a key to success in any business relationship. Be upfront with your vendor when you talk about things like budgets, deadlines, and measurable performance indicators. Ask them to be frank with you about their working style and client preferences. It might require some awkward or redundant conversations in the beginning, but the mutual understanding you’ll get will pay off in the long run.

There Aren’t Clear Channels of Communication

Bad communication between web designers and their clients can take a number of different forms. For instance, it can be problematic if your creative team doesn’t know when you want to hear from them, or whom in your organization they should be reporting to. Likewise, if you go calling your vendor looking for answers and can’t get through to those responsible it’s going to be a problem. Establish clear communication guidelines in the beginning and you save yourself lots of headaches down the road.

You Are Hoping for Something Unrealistic

It has to be said that some business owners and executives enter the online marketing process with expectations that simply can’t be achieved. They want to do the impossible on tight deadlines and with very limited budgets. It isn’t always their fault, though – there are unethical marketers who will make guarantees they can’t live up to. Either way, it’s important for both parties to know what can and can’t be done with the schedule, budget, and competitive restraints in front of them.

You Chose the Wrong Vendor to Work With

Let’s face it: if you have a hard time working with your creative team it might just be because they aren’t delivering results or doing what they said they would. In those instances, your best move is to make a switch. More often than not, you can feel it in your gut when you’ve made a mistake or been taken in. If you suspect your vendor isn’t being honest with you, or making your business a priority, then look for answers and assistance elsewhere.

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The best way to ensure you’ll see eye-to-eye with your web design and online marketing partners is to simply choose a team known for professionalism and reliability. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, we encourage you to contact Biondo Creative today to schedule a free consultation and see if we could be a good fit to work together.