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5 Common Reasons Internet Advertising Campaigns Fail

Published: March 19, 2019

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Going from experience, it’s probably fair to guess that at least half of all internet advertising campaigns are unprofitable. In fact, the number might be much higher – some of our colleagues estimate that a full three-quarters of all pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns lose money before they are eventually shut down.

The internet is a virtually endless potential source of new business, and there are more tools than ever that can be used to zero in on very small groups of buyers. Given those facts, it seems almost impossible that advertisers could actually be spending more than they are getting in return but it happens all the time.

To help you avoid the most common mistakes that lead to this kind of situation, let’s look at five reasons internet advertising campaigns fail…

#1 A Focus On the Wrong Market

The first step in building a strong online advertising campaign is knowing what your target market looks like. You have to know which men and women you’re trying to reach, where they spend their time online, and what sorts of offers or benefits they respond to. When you run ads that are designed for everyone, or even a group of buyers who aren’t a great fit for what you have, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

#2 Poor Campaign Planning

New online advertisers tend to overlook the amount of planning that goes into a successful campaign. Not only are there keywords and demographics that need to be identified, but there should also be a defined sales funnel in place that takes a buyer from their initial contact to the finish inquiry or sale. Without these pieces you simply have a bunch of ads that you hope will convince customers to react spontaneously.

#3 An Insufficient Advertising Budget

Contrary to what a lot of vendors might tell you, you really don’t have to have a lot of money to run successful internet advertising campaigns. However, you will normally have to make some sort of up-front investment – both in a creative vendor who can help you put your campaigns together and in some initial ads that generate awareness and web analytics. Trim your starting budgets too much and you could shortchange yourself when you’re trying to get results later.

#4 A Poor Website or User Experience

When a prospect responds to one of your online ads they have to go somewhere. Usually that’s going to be your website, a specific landing page, or even a social profile. If the design and user experience found on these destinations is underwhelming then the time and money you spent generating that visit was wasted. No ad campaign is strong enough to overcome a poor online presence.

#5 A Missing Review and Revision Process

We often like to point out to new clients that internet advertising isn’t about setting up perfect campaigns. Instead, it’s about building great ones that only get better and better over time. With a regular review of your web analytics, you and your creative partner can figure out who is coming to your website, which offers they are responding to, and where your campaigns have the biggest potential for growth in the future.

Need Help Sorting Out Your Online Ads?

Turning online advertising campaigns into leads, sales, or even walk-in visits isn’t as simple as writing a few offers and watching the revenue come pouring in. Successful campaigns take planning, research, strong creative work, and a constant process of improvement.

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