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What The Perfect Online Marketing Partner Looks Like

Published: March 18, 2019

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What does the perfect web design and online marketing partner look like? The answer would depend a bit on your company, budget, and goals of course. However, when it comes to the small and medium-sized businesses we typically serve, we think there is a very clear profile of what you should look for: a small creative firm with big capabilities.

What does that mean exactly? You want to find a vendor that doesn’t have a huge full-time team, but can handle anything and everything from website design and programming to detailed social advertising campaigns. Some of these jobs might be done by in-house personnel, while others could be handled by freelancers and vendors. It’s that mix that gives you such a good value-to-price mixture.

It’s certainly fair to point out that we are far from subjective. After all, we are describing the exact profile of Biondo Creative. Still, we stand by our assessment for number of reasons. Here is why a small firm with lots of specialties gives you the biggest bang for your buck

You’ll Get Personal Service from Your Team

One of the biggest benefits to working with a small company is that you can be on a first-name basis with all the principles involved. That means more time to talk about your needs and concerns, and personal service when you call with a question or request. It’s no fun being treated like a number, and that’s what can happen if you work with a giant digital agency.

You Won’t Pay for What You Don’t Need

It’s no secret that working with a smaller creative team can be more cost-effective. It’s just common sense – when you hire the smaller guy you aren’t paying for a huge office, an enormous administrative staff, or a bloated marketing budget. Instead, you only pay for the skills and expertise you need, which means more service for a more reasonable invoice.

Your Websites and Campaigns Won’t be Limited

Traditionally, the downside to working with a smaller creative team was that you wouldn’t have access to the same wide range of skills and expert minds you would find at a huge agency. However, with the growth of the freelance portion of our industry all of that has changed. As long as your creative partner has strong relationships with writers, coders, and other experts (these like we do) there aren’t any limits to the scope of your work.

Your Vendor Will Know You and Your Business

We have already touched on the personal service aspect of working with a smaller company, which we think is very important. However, another advantage of hiring a smaller agency is that they have to deal with the same kinds of issues you do. In other words, they’ll understand your constraints when it comes to budgets, schedules, etc. because they’ve had to wrestle with them on their own. As a result, you’ll get more creative and efficient solutions to the challenges your company is facing.

Looking for Big Value in Web Design?

If you’re looking for huge value in web design, web development, and online marketing look no further. Contact the knowledgeable and efficient team at Biondo Creative in Yardley today to see why we’re a favorite for business owners throughout the city and beyond!