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The Right (and Wrong) Way to Save Money on Web Design

Published: February 13, 2019
The Right (and Wrong) Way to Save Money on Web Design

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Running a business can be tough. It requires a bit of vision, the ability to make tough decisions, and (especially) an eye for saving money whenever possible. That’s probably why even successful entrepreneurs and managers sometimes make big mistakes when trying to save money on web design.

Today, we want to give you some insider advice on the best and worst ways to reduce your business web design budget. Let’s start with the good ideas…

How to Save Money on a New Website

Contrary to what you might have heard from a colleague – or even another web designer – you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great web presence that’s custom-built for your company.

One way to keep the costs down is to simply work with the right team. For example, a local group of designers and programmers working in a small office will almost always charge less than a huge firm with expensive office space. They’ll have fewer overhead expenses to pass along so you’ll get a bigger bargain.

You can also reduce your web design bill by coming into the process with an outline of what you need, and by sticking to features that will actually help your business grow (rather than chasing the shiniest or most expensive options). And of course, you can supply some of the content for your new website on your own. The fees for good copywriters and photographers can really add up, so taking these out of the equation makes your website less expensive.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg, but the point to be made is that a good web design team will work with you if they know what you need. That will help you keep your bill down without cutting corners. This leads us to our second point…

How Not to Save Money on a Business Website

There are a lot of web design solutions out in the world that can seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, most of them are, once you look into the details.

For instance, you can drastically reduce the sticker price of a new business website by using a DIY template service, or by hiring an overseas company to put your pages together. However, these options entail hidden costs that you won’t necessarily see.

When you use a DIY web template, it takes up a lot of your time. And, your website inevitably ends up looking less professional and more generic than you had intended. Likewise, third-world design companies can get your business online, but they might not follow your specifications and could steal layouts or content from competitors – leaving you on the hook for copyright violations.

These are just examples of the things we see go wrong all the time when business owners ignore their instincts and get the cheapest web design they can find. The projects rarely work out as planned, and their businesses are hurt by a lack of sales and credibility.

Saving money is great, but you don’t want to leave your common sense behind when trying to build a web presence that’s going to be the centerpiece of your sales, marketing, and even employee recruitment campaigns for years to come.

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