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5 Great Uses for Your Facebook Business Page

Published: December 14, 2018
5 Great Uses for Your Facebook Business Page

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Most business owners recognize intuitively that social media marketing today resembles search engine optimization a decade ago. It’s an opportunity to build your brand and bring in customers without spending a ton of time or money.

The most logical place to begin, for a lot of the men and women we work with, is with the Facebook business page. After all, most business owners already use Facebook in their personal lives. And, it’s by far the most popular social network on the planet.

But, once you get your Facebook business page set up, complete with custom graphics and logos, what should you actually use it for? The specific answer will depend on your own goals and situation, of course, but here are five good ideas to help you get started…

#1 Use Your Facebook Business Page to Promote Products and Specials

Presumably, if someone has agreed to follow your Facebook business page, they have an interest in the products or services you offer. So, if you’re announcing something new, having a special sale, or otherwise have something exciting to promote, it could be the perfect platform to help you spread the news. You may even discover that some customers will like or share your announcements, giving you free access to a bigger audience.

#2 Announce Events and Get Registrations through Your Facebook Business Page

There are a lot of different ways to announce live and online events, but you shouldn’t forget to promote any calendar item through your Facebook business page. That’s because attendees can indicate that they’ll be participating. Those notifications are spread through their contact lists, making it easier for others to decide they will join or attend, as well.

#3 Use Your Facebook Page to Gather and Spread Online Reviews

Online reviews are becoming increasingly important to all forms of digital marketing and local search engine optimization. Luckily, your Facebook business page is a great place to gather feedback from your best customers and share it with the world. Not only will other Facebook users be able to see the great things they’ve said about you, but business pages are indexed by Google, so your reviews could show up there too.

#4 Handle Customer Service Inquiries through Your Facebook Business Page

It’s becoming more and more frequent for seasoned Facebook users to treat their profiles as an internet hub that essentially replaces search engines and email. That’s one reason it’s important to check in on your business page every day. You may discover some buyers will message you directly with questions or customer service issues. And, if you handle them promptly and professionally, they may be inclined to leave a positive review for your business (see above).

#5 Utilize Facebook to Promote Blog Posts and Online Videos

If you have a content marketing campaign in place, you can use your Facebook business page to promote every new post or online video your company releases. That’s a great way to increase viewership, to stay on top of buyers’ minds, and to remind customers that you have expertise in your field or industry.

These five uses represent some of the most popular profitable ways to get started in social media networking. However, this is one of those topics where you are truly only limited by your imagination. Why not see whether you can come up with a few more ideas on your own? Or better yet, reach out to the Biondo Creative team and let us help create a social media marketing and search engine optimization strategy that’s designed specifically for your business!