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5 Tricks of Top Web Designers

Published: November 02, 2018

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How do the best web designers approach their work? After years of experience in this field, and dozens upon dozens of successful projects, I’m convinced that producing something special is as much about the process you follow as it is the talent you have. In other words, it helps to have some good artistic instincts, but it’s even more important to embrace the right habits.

To give you a sense of what I mean, here are five tricks I’ve seen the best web designers use again and again to come up with strong layouts and keep their clients happy…

#1 Top Web Designers Let Clients Do the Hard Work

No, I don’t mean that web designers should scam the businesses they work for. Instead, they let clients do the hard work by getting them to answer important questions, such as: who are your best customers, why do they work with you, and what are your marketing goals like? With these answers, a designer has the information they need to build a web presence that’s perfect for that specific client.

#2 Top Web Designers Value Simplicity

It’s easy to overcomplicate web design, but most customers don’t want to sift their way through dozens of pages, apps, and blinking logos. By keeping things simple, you make it easy for actual buyers to find the information resources they want and take the next step. Why get in the way of a sale when you can simply let it happen?

#3 Top Web Designers Prioritize Content

The best web design teams know that the right layout, fonts, and color combinations will only get you so far. If you really want a website to look fantastic, or produce real-world business results, you’re going to need high-quality images and text. Bad content can ruin a great website, but even a perfect layout can’t save you if you don’t have the right messaging and visuals.

#4 Top Web Designers Have a Long-Term Plan

We are well past the point where you can launch a website and watch the sales come rolling in. To see a return on your investment, you need to have a long-term plan for attracting visits, generating conversions, and retaining customers. For that reason, the best web designers will give their clients a long-term plan to accomplish these goals that accompanies the website itself.

#5 Top Web Designers Put Clients First

Every great web designer has their own personal style, flair, and artistic instincts. And, we all have our own favorite marketing tactics to work with. However, these will take a backseat to a clients wants and needs on a regular basis. At the end of the day, top web designers care more about helping their clients than they do satisfying their own egos.

It goes without saying that these aren’t the only five pieces of advice top web designers follow, but each of them important. If you are a creative professional, I would advise you to put them to good use. And if you’re a business owner or executive, seek out a vendor who fits this profile.

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