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The 7 Best Online Marketing Tips You’ll Read in 2018

Published: June 08, 2018
The 7 Best Online Marketing Tips You’ll Read in 2018

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There are a lot of online marketing tips out there. From the many dozens of books you can read about your website to the hundreds of YouTube clips and thousands of blogs like mine, there’s no shortage of advice for small business owners who want to find customers over the internet.

And yet, I find that a lot of clients turn to someone like me because they feel overwhelmed by all of the “secrets” and “hidden tools” they come across on a regular basis. Many of them just aren’t that relevant or actionable to the average marketer. And, several of the most popular online marketing tips out there contradict one another.

With that in mind, today I want to give you some of my favorite online marketing tips that are completely non-technical. These aren’t fads or quick fixes for your website, just good pieces of advice that can help you get more from your search engine optimization, social media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Here are seven top online marketing tips I hope you’ll put to good use…

#1 Know What You Want to Accomplish

Having measurable, time-sensitive goals should be at the heart of all your online marketing campaigns. If you don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish, it’s very hard to ever really say whether you’ve been successful or not. So, begin by establishing what a “win” would look like for your business, so you can make it happen.

#2 Don’t Outsource Everything

Some business owners will want to handle big pieces of their online marketing campaigns in-house; others prefer to have web designers and creative professionals generate their content and evaluate the results. Whatever your approach, make sure you’re at least somewhat involved. That way, you can keep things on track and know what you’re getting for your money.

#3 Get Expert Help When You Need it

While I think every business owner should play a role in their company’s online marketing campaigns (see above), there are also some jobs that are best handled by professionals. You probably don’t want to design your own website, for example, and may benefit from working with a professional writer or proofreader if those aren’t your strong points.

#4 Try Anything Once

I can’t tell you how often it happens, in the world of web design and online marketing, that an idea which seems to be random takes off and becomes a trend. Remember, there were lots of people who doubted sites like Facebook and Twitter would ever become popular. The lesson: don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things on the internet.

#5 Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut

It’s really easy to find yourself going over the same ground again and again when you’re trying to win new business online. It’s only human nature to fall back into familiar patterns. However, you should avoid getting stuck in a rut. For one thing, that means you’re not experimenting. And for another, when you get bored with your internet marketing, your customers do too.

#6 Give Yourself Time and Patience

Most truly successful online marketing campaigns take time to develop. Don’t necessarily expect that you’re going to start off with a bang and be as profitable or effective as you could be from the start. Exercise a little bit of patience and give yourself the time you need to see real results.

#7 Enjoy Yourself

It’s important to enjoy yourself when promoting your business. For one thing, buyers can tell when marketing is forced. And for another, you aren’t going to have the perseverance to keep your campaigns going if you dread putting them into action.

There are a lot of technical details that go into successful online marketing, but much of what you have to do really comes down to perseverance and common sense. I hope you’ll keep that in mind, and use these seven tips to grow your business in ways that will impress you and leave your competitors in the dust.

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