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How to Get Better Web Design Quotes

Published: January 09, 2018
How to Get Better Web Design Quotes

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Business owners have a very understandable interest in the topic of web design quotes. As wonderful as it is to have a fresh website that helps you bring in visitors from search engines and social media sites, costs and budgets are always going to be a factor. And so, it’s no surprise so many clients are concerned about getting the best web design quotes they can.

So, what can you do to improve the web design quotes that come your way? Here are a few things to remember…

Define What You Mean by “Better” Web Design Quotes

To me, the topic of “better web design quotes” really encompasses two different aspects. The first is that most business owners would prefer to pay less rather than more. So, their interest is in being quoted lower web design fees.

However, I would argue that it’s at least as important – and probably more so – to get accurate, more detailed web design quotes. After all, anyone can get a cheap website. You’re probably looking to figure out how much you have to spend to get a web presence that will actually help your company to grow. That’s a different matter altogether.

Your Best Tool for Improved Web Design Quotes

If you want to get better quotes for your web design project, the first thing you should do is compile a handful of written notes. These notes shouldn’t just be random thoughts, either. They should include a handful of details like:

  • What you want your new website to do for your company
  • Which pages or topics do you have to include in your website
  • Examples of other industry websites you like
  • How soon you want to have your website launched
  • Which pieces of content you have, and which will need to be created (and by whom)
  • Any ongoing internet marketing activities you want to pursue

Making some written notes about these questions (in a computer document or on a physical page) has a few tangible benefits. For one thing, it gives you a reference document you can share with creative firms so your web design quotes match up in an apples-to-apples way. Otherwise, you might find one firm will quote you for a basket of services they think you need, while another will do the same thing with very different ingredients.

Another pay off to this approach is that it will stop you from overlooking any important details, and allow your web designer to ask some more in-depth questions about your company and project. One of the hardest parts of my job is trying to come up with a web design quote for a client who isn’t really sure what they want. Having some written notes, even if they aren’t detailed or finalized, can be a big help.

The Other Way to Get Better Web Design Quotes

Having some written notes is a good first step towards getting quality estimates. I wouldn’t be giving you helpful advice, though, if I didn’t point out how critical it is that you work with reputable web design partners in the first place.

There are all kinds of companies out there that would like to separate you from your money. They’ll promise virtually anything if it means getting you to write a check. So, you should always be leery of web design quotes that sound too good to be true, or come from firms with no track record.

Keep these pieces of advice in mind and you’ll be able to get the great web design quotes you need. Then, the next step will be launching the site that will push your bottom line upward for years to come!