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5 Places to Put Video on Your Website

Published: September 06, 2017

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Occasionally, we talk with business owners who love the idea of using online video clips to attract customers and increase sales, but they are unclear as to how they would actually use them. That can be difficult to see and understand when you are first getting started. After all, lots of marketers post their content to YouTube and Facebook, but it’s not clear if they actually see any results.

We don’t mean to suggest that you shouldn’t put your video clips on social media sites, of course. But, if you’re simply looking to test out online video marketing to see for yourself just how powerful it is, we suggest you begin with your own website. To be more specific, here are five places you can use video to make your small business web presence more powerful and profitable…

#1 Your Home Page

In the real world, your first introduction to a person or business can be fluid and engaging. Online, customers can glance at your home page without really absorbing anything. By putting a video clip that explains what your business is about in a minute or less, you can almost duplicate the experience of opening the door and shaking a hand. Plus, you can create an instant impression and invite customers to take the next step personally.

#2 On Landing Pages

Landing pages are designed to convert traffic into leads or sales. Those are ideal jobs for video marketing clips. That’s because a well-produced video grabs attention and elicits a response in a way that all but the best headlines and images can’t. Whether you simply want viewers to think about your company, or to take a specific action (like make a purchase or download a guide), you’ll almost certainly get more conversions using video.

#3 Within Product Pages

If you had to guess, which would you think is a more effective sales tool: a catalog page or a live product demonstration? It’s easy to see and understand why a demo has more sales power. The same thing applies on your website. It’s one thing to show off what you have to sell and glossy pictures and bullet points; it’s quite another to let potential buyers see for themselves how your merchandise works. Plus, you can use videos to show off things like sizing and color options.

#4 Mixed in With Your FAQs

Demonstrations aren’t just for sales, either. Some features, uses, and maintenance tips are much easier shown in a video clip than they are to outline on a static web page. If you find that buyers are sometimes confused about some aspect of your business, you could use video explanations or FAQs to help clear things up. That’s a great way to make your site more useful, and also to reduce the amount of time you have to spend on customer service inquiries.

#5 As Customer Testimonials

When potential customers see nice quotes and testimonials on your website, they take them with a grain of salt. After all, they know you aren’t going to post anything negative about your company, and who is to say the reviews are genuine in the first place? You can give customer testimonials a lot more power by having satisfied buyers say good things in video clips. Not only do they seem more genuine, but they have more emotional sales power than written text.

Video adds a dimension to your website that no other type of content can. It’s easier to follow than text, more engaging than images, and more personal than both. So, if you want to show off your personality, explain the topic in greater depth, or make sure customers see what makes you and your products special, consider adding clips to these five pages and see what happens.