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The Fold Manifesto: Why the Page Fold Still Matters

Published: December 28, 2015

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Amy Schade from the Neilsen Norman Group, published an article this year discussing the importance of considering the page fold when designing a website. Keeping the page fold in mind when designing a website is still relevant.  The page fold has become more complex as more devices and screen sizes access your web pages.  The Fold Manifesto gives some great ideas for how to tackle the challenge of Responsive Design and keeping key information above the fold.

Screen sizes are constantly shifting and designs can respond to these sizes, rather than fit to a constant size. So when clients, designers, developers, or marketers talk about content “above the fold” — a term borrowed from print-newspaper terminology and used as a way to reference what is visible on the webpage without scrolling — does it make sense anymore?

Yes. The fold still exists and still applies. Even though the exact location of the fold will differ between devices, it exists for every single user on every single screen.

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