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8 responsive web design trends that defined 2015

Published: December 25, 2015

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The Next Web posted a really interesting article today covering the Top 8 Responsive Web Design Trends of 2015.  We’ve summarized our favorites in this post.

Captivating storytelling
In 2015 the focus has shifted to hook readers quickly, use visuals to add punch to your message and make it easy to share your content on social.

Less is more
Over the years we have heard the opposite recommendation, but now many sites are simplifying their sites and even going to one page sites.

Card layouts
If you’ve visited Pinterest you know about Card Layouts. Card layouts are ways to make chunks of content easily skimmable and is a UI pattern that sites like Twitter and Google have adopted.

Hidden menus
People love or hate hamburger menus. Many sites still use them, but time will tell if this design pattern sticks around.

Rethinking advertising
Is your site monetized by advertising today? With tools like Adblock and changes to iOS which will allow companies to write ad blocking software your site may start to see lower ad revenue.

Tell us your favorite Responsive Design trends of 2015

Tell us what your favorite Responsive Design Trends were this year in the comments section.

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