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Mum Madness Tournament Reaches The Final Four

Published: December 20, 2015

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Mr. Mummer is a local blogger in Philadelphia that talks about one topic… Mummers.  If you live in Philadelphia you have probably come across the Mummers at events, parading down streets in Philadelphia neighborhoods like Bridesburg and Port Richmond or even at their summer concerts in South Philly.  This year Mr. Mummer create a Mum Madness Tournament to raise excitement and interest in the 2016 Mummers Parade that takes place on New Years Day. Mr. Mummer describes the tournament as a way to crown the best modern era String Band performance.

Welcome to the Mum Madness Tournament. Mum Madness is a bracket-tournament-style contest that will crown the best modern era String Band performance (1975-present). Just like the March Madness tournament, I selected 64 of the best String Band performances from the last 40 years and put them into a bracket. Visitors to MrMummer.com will vote in a series of polls to decide who moves on and who is eliminated.
Each String Band who won first prize (1975-2015) received an automatic bid into the tournament. The remaining 24 at-large selections were chosen by me. Most of the at-large picks were selected from non-winning performances that I liked. Just for fun, I included a few long shot “Cinderella” type performances that probably have no business being included in the bracket.

Keep in mind, this tournament is meant to be fun and to encourage discussion. It’s just an interesting way to interact with the readers of the Mr. Mummer blog and to get them excited for the 2016 Mummers parade.You can view the full bracket at https://challonge.com/mrmummer

If you’re from Philadelphia then you know a lot about the Mummers Parade already, but if you’re not… Mr. Mummer helps you get up to speed before the big NYD event and helps you find the best spots along the parade route.  He also publishes a weekly newsletter recapping some of the best information in Mummer News.  You can take part in the Mum Madness Tournament by visiting the Mr. Mummer website.