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Why All Web Design Should be Interactive Web Design

Published: July 31, 2018
Why All Web Design Should be Interactive Web Design

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Within the creative services industry, there is a lot of talk out there about interactive web design.

While interactive web design might sound like just another tech buzzword, it’s actually an important concept. Essentially, it means that your pages and layouts should be set up in such a way that users are invited to click, scroll, and move around your content as much as possible.

Interactive web design also incorporates usable features, such as graphics that expand, videos that play after being clicked, and icons that lead visitors to important information.

In our opinion, all business websites should integrate some aspects of interactive web design. In other words, you should be doing everything you can to not only bring customers to your site, but keep them engaged. Here are a few of the reasons why it’s so important…

Your Job is to Attract Buyers and Keep Their Attention

There are a lot of people – both within and outside of my industry – who consider web design to be a highly complicated endeavor. Really, though, it comes down to building a site that brings in buyers and then hold their attention.

The more involved visitors are with your pages, the less likely they are to leave for other internet destinations. So, interactive web design helps you accomplish your biggest goals and pushes your sales efforts forward.

Google is Watching for Customer Interaction

In recent years, Google and the other search engines have begun using artificial intelligence and advanced metrics to determine which search results are better than others. One key sign of quality is user engagement.

To put it in simpler terms, the more that people read your pages and click on your links, the easier it is for Google to know you are providing high-quality resources. So, by using interactive web design, you could actually increase your search position and generate more sales opportunities.

Interactive Web Design is Always Evolving

Embracing the minds of interactive web design forces you think about the way customers use your site and what kinds of tools they might click on or play with. That gets you out of thinking about static pieces of information, which is an outdated way of thinking about a website.

In other words, interactive web design is forward-thinking. Given that you’re always at risk of falling behind the curve on the Internet, anything that forces you to be current and imaginative is a good idea.

Interactive web design makes things all about your customer, which is the right mindset for anything to do with the internet or marketing. Do what you can to keep visitors on your page and have them work with your website instead of simply viewing it. You’ll find that they’ll hang out longer and will be more likely to eventually buy something from you.

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