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Web Designer Websites: What Actually Matters?

Published: June 13, 2018
Web Designer Websites: What Actually Matters?

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Usually, when a business owner decides to improve their web presence, the first step is to check out web designer websites. Whether they look locally or evaluate creative teams from around the country (or the world), they need to see what their choices are and find a vendor to work with.

This part of the process can create challenges on its own. After all, what should you look for in a web designer website if you aren’t already an industry professional with a good idea of what you need?

It can be hard to come up with a good answer to that question, and a lot of web designer websites look similar to one another. That’s why today, I’m going to share a few criteria you should evaluate closely. When you’re looking for a web design professional or creative team to work with, here are a few things to keep an eye on…

The Look of the Web Designer Website

The first thing you’ll want to evaluate about a potential web designer is their artistic sensibilities. That their preferred styles and preferences match your own? Most creative professionals are going to be able to take feedback and direction from you, but it helps if you’re both starting out with a similar sense of what looks good.

The Portfolio and Case Studies

On virtually any web designer website you’re going to find a portfolio of past work, and possibly some case studies that show what they were able to do for previous clients. You should examine these closely, both for the right artistic match and because you want to see if they can handle the kinds of challenges you are facing.

Web Design Awards

Web design awards can be a mixed bag. Some of them don’t mean a lot, while others can be quite prestigious. As a rule of thumb, you would prefer a web designer who has won awards for creativity over another that hasn’t, particularly if the award has been issued by a well-known industry group or business association.

Team Bios and Credentials

Ultimately, you’ll have to work with your web designer (or members of their team) closely to get your project finished. So, while evaluating their bios and qualifications might not be your first consideration, it’s not a bad idea as you narrow down your choices. Make sure to select someone you respect and can get along with.

The Overall Tone of Their Marketing

When looking at the messaging on a web designer website, see if you can identify a particular theme or voice. Naturally, some of this will be about style. However, if you can find someone who emphasizes service, client satisfaction, and bottom-line results, you’re likely to be happier with your choice in the long run.

Finding the right web designer for your project is largely a matter of preference and artistic taste. But, if you can evaluate web designer websites using the criteria above, you should be able to narrow things down and make a good choice for your business.

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