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Why Website Homepage Design Matters

Published: May 28, 2018
Why Website Homepage Design Matters

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Website homepage design is something no marketer, business owner, or entrepreneur can afford to overlook. You wouldn’t find many web designers who would disagree. But why is it so crucial?

When you’re in my job for long enough, you start to realize that all web design matters. The smallest details can make or break an online marketing campaign, and customers are always ready to judge you based on what they see in your layouts, images, and content.

However, no single item is nearly as important as website homepage design. Let me give you a few of the reasons why…

First Impressions Can Make or Break a Sale

In many cases, the front page of your website is going to be the first thing a potential customer ever sees about your business. They may visit you online after coming across your marketing or being referred by someone else. They may even discover you via Google or Facebook. However, they are likely to view your pages before picking up the phone or stopping in.

For that reason, your website homepage design has to stand out. Your content has to make it clear what you do and why someone should buy from you. It also needs to reinforce the idea that you offer value and service. That’s a tall order for what is usually a short page, but all the finer points are necessary.

Your Website Homepage Design Has to Redirect Visitors

As important as the content and visuals on your homepage might be, they probably aren’t going to be enough to sell customers on their own. They will still want to see more information before contacting you or adding an item to their shopping cart.

In that way, your homepage has to serve as an outlet for information, directing buyers towards the pages, products, or resources that will help them solve their problem. So, in addition to piquing their interest, your website homepage design had better feature an easy-to-use navigation structure that redirects visitors towards the other content on your site.

A Website Homepage Design Is Critical for SEO

Google and the other search engines will pay a lot of attention to the content on your website, but what you have on your main page carries a lot of search engine weight. The keywords, search terms, and geographic location markers you put front and center tell search spiders and real-world shoppers alike what your pages are all about.

That’s a good thing to remember, because you’ll want to pay special attention to the wording you use in homepage titles and text. Whatever kind of traffic you are trying to draw to your site, it should be reflected on your website homepage design.

Whether you are just beginning to think about your first business website, or are about to begin the process of re-designing an extensive existing site, I hope you won’t ignore your most valuable piece of real estate. No matter how you look at it, website homepage design is a big deal. Work with a designer who will take the time to get it right.

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