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Why Is Web Page Development Important?

Published: April 11, 2018
Why Is Web Page Development Important?

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When meeting with business owners for the first time, I often bring up the topic of webpage development. That’s not something clients are always familiar with, so I explain it has to do with the coding and programming that takes place behind the scenes (or “under the hood” if you prefer) of a business website.

In most cases, the men and women I work with are more concerned about the way their new website will look than the underlying HTML. Still, I go over a few basics with them because webpage development is an important topic. Even if they don’t understand the work that’s being done, I want them to know the “whats” and “whys” involved.

I would encourage you to have a similar conversation with your own business web designer. Even if you aren’t that concerned about the technical aspects of your website, here are a few reasons why webpage development still matters…

Looks Only Get You So Far

In online marketing – and in life, I guess – looks will only get you so far. If your website has great visuals and aesthetics, but lacks the kind of functionality customers want, your business is going to suffer. That could include fast page loading times, responsive layouts that adjust to mobile devices, or even custom programming and app development. Think of your website like a car: you want to look great, but it’s just as important that it run efficiently and reliably. That’s where webpage development comes in.

Good Web Page Development Is About Two Things

Although I’ve already alluded to this, I want to be very clear that webpage development really comes down to two things: stability and functionality. In the first case, you need your site to be stable. If it crashes, loads slowly, or causes errors in your customers’ browsers, you’re going to see your website traffic suffer.

In terms of functionality, your website can do a lot more than give basic information about your business. You could use your web pages to sell products, collect customer and subscriber information, or even deliver personalized demos. Each of these saves you time and adds to the marketing power of your website.

Strong Web Page Development Is About ROI

Naturally, the end goal of web page development is to increase conversions and save money. Any successful efforts in those directions are going to improve the return on investment you get from your next website. Additionally, a well-coded site is going to last longer before it needs to be redesigned. If you can launch a site and then not have to invest more money in webpage development for a few years, that’s another boost to your bottom line.

You absolutely want your next business website to look as great as it possibly can. However, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of webpage development, because the functionality of your new site is ultimately going to save you time and put more money in your pocket. So, even if you don’t care that much about coding, make sure to ask a few questions so you know what you’re getting on the webpage development side of things. You’ll be glad you did.

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