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Why Simple Website Design Can Be Effective

Published: March 30, 2018
Why Simple Website Design Can Be Effective

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I don’t think people talk about the benefits of simple website design enough. That’s too bad, because it’s becoming more and more important with each passing month.

The growth and complexity of modern web design is both a boost for my industry and a problem for creative professionals. On the one hand, it’s now possible to build a website that can do just about anything. On the other hand, all of those possibilities can lead to indecision. Or worse, they can cause web designers and their clients to try to cram too much into one page or layout.

One rule of marketing that remains constant in our digital age is that clarity is key. If people can’t understand what you’re offering, they aren’t going to respond. The tendency to stack too many features or design elements on top of one another should be resisted if you care about achieving the best results.

To help persuade you to my line of thinking, here are a few reasons simple website design can be incredibly effective…

Simple Web Design Can Be Elegant

Have you ever noticed how the simplest things in life are the ones that tend to hold up over time, even as trends and styles come and go? I have noticed the same thing in my industry. A simple website design can look current and interesting year after year. Follow the latest fad, though, and you may discover that your layout has to be updated more often than you might like. Nothing is ever timeless on the web, but a simple web design is more likely to be enduring than a complicated one.

Simple Web Designs are Technically Straightforward

Business owners tend to think more about the visual aspects of their websites than the technical components, but both sides matter. If a complicated website requires lots of different apps and plug-ins to work, then it’s only going to be a matter of time before one of those pieces of code causes an issue. That could lead to slow website performance, pages crashing, or even online security issues. These risks are lowered when you opt for a simple website design.

Simple Website Design Cuts Down On the BS Factor

When it comes to benefits of simple website design, there is also a sales psychology component to think about. The more complicated a layout is, the more it stresses the human mind. When customers feel stressed, it seems as if you are pressuring them to make a sale (think of all the flashing lights in casinos). In other words, buyers associate simple website designs with honesty. So, by going with a simple website design, you can increase your own credibility and cut down on the “BS factor.”

I can understand why some creative teams and their clients want to take a “kitchen sink” approach to building a web presence. However, my experience has been that simple website design can not only be effective, but the clear choice for generating sales and leads through the web. Why overcomplicate things when a straightforward approach is the one that works?

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