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The Biggest Benefit of Choosing the Right Web Designer

Published: December 01, 2017

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To a lot of business owners and executives who haven’t ever gotten great results from internet marketing, choosing a web designer can seem like a trivial decision. After all, anyone with the right software can help you get a layout that will look good. So, shouldn’t you just find one that quotes a really low fee, or meet a few likely candidates and pick your favorite quickly so they can get to work?

Fees and timelines obviously matter, but there is one very big benefit to choosing the right web designer that should never be overlooked: they’ll help you find the answers you need without breaking your small business marketing budget over the long term.

That’s not a small issue, especially if you expect your website to be a profitable part of your company going forward.

A Great Creative Vendor Will Get to Know Your Company

As I’ve already mentioned, designing websites is relatively easy. If you have the right software, you can learn to do it in a few weeks. That’s why you see so many people trying to earn extra money by offering web design services on low fee freelancing sites.

However, you don’t really pay a good web designer to lay out the pages – you pay them to create a web presence that fits your business and branding personality perfectly. And, you pay them to find the solutions that work for the challenges you face.

For instance, a business that needs to boost sales quickly might need a combination of highly-targeted pay-per-click ads, some focused landing pages, and an automated email campaign to go along with an integrated shopping cart. Conversely, a B2B vendor who is focused on inbound lead generation could require a strong organic search engine optimization campaign with some detailed work and reputation management.

A web designer who didn’t know better might pitch all of these ideas, or none of them, leaving the client worse off than when they started.

The Right Web Designer Can Help You Increase Sales and Cut Costs

I’ve had the opportunity to work with very large companies, along with a few that were incredibly small or just getting started. In none of those situations did I ever come across a client who had unlimited resources and no immediate or long-term business goals. That’s why my job isn’t just about creating pages, but finding reasonable ways to meet bottom line challenges without going over budget.

A great web designer is going to know you, have a feel for what you want to accomplish, and isn’t going to recommend you do anything that causes you to overextend yourself. They’re going to choose the right tools for the job, and then help you monitor your website to ensure you stay profitable, up-to-date, and in line with the newest trends or best practices.

In other words, they’re going to do everything they can to cover your bottom line while still functioning as artists and creators. In the competitive world of web design, neither of those aspects of the job can be ignored. And as a business owner, you shouldn’t work with anyone who doesn’t take both sides seriously.

Finding the right web designer is the first step towards building the profitable online presence you need. To learn more, contact Biondo Creative today to see how we can help!